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Rebuilt Transmission Cost | Charlotte NC

Twin Automotive, known as Charlotte’s Transmission King and charlotte rebuilt transmission specialist, explains why a  transmission rebuild can save you more money than buying a used transmission: For over 30 years, Twin Automotive Charlotte customers have asked, what can save me more money — a used transmission or a rebuilt transmission? The answer comes easily when the facts about a used transmission are revealed. A Used transmission is a transmission that was originally inside another vehicle and used for a […]

Car A/C Service Cost | Charlotte NC

Why should I get my car A/C serviced or checked? I didn’t use it since last summer — it must still work fine! Here at Twin Charlotte, we hear questions and statements like the two above all the time. Just like other types of auto services, what you don’t know about them can and will cause severe damage to your vehicle. In order for every component in your vehicle to run properly and efficiently, you need to have specific services […]

2003 Honda Pilot Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

The Honda Pilot is a high quality automobile, but like any vehicle on the road, it can experience serious problems (with the engine, brakes, electrical system or transmission). Over the years, Honda transmissions have become more complicated and parts such as the clutch, flywheel and torque converter–all which can fail regardless of your driving habits. The 2003 Honda Pilot is one of the worst years for transmission problems than any other year Honda Pilot. Learn the top major transmission symptoms […]

Transmission Fluid Flush, Service | Charlotte NC

In today’s crazy life styles, 90% of people often forget about transmission servicing, getting a transmission flush, or even checking for transmission leaks under their vehicle. Servicing the transmission every 20 – 30,000 miles is very important to proper operation and the life of the transmission. Just like the oil in your cars engine, transmission fluid suffers from heat, friction and electrochemical degradation. Once this process starts, your transmission’s vital parts begin to clog with sludge and varnish deposits. Most […]

Honda Odyssey Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

At its debut, the Honda Odyssey won the Japan Car of the Year Award (Special Category) and the RJC New Car of the Year Award. By September 1997, the Odyssey had sold more than 300,000 units, becoming Honda’s fastest-selling new car and breaking the Civic’s record. But, as time passed, the Honda Odyssey became more known for its transmission problems and need of transmission repair. Typically, Honda Odyssey’s between the year of 1999 – 2004 have the most transmission problems […]

Honda Transmission Repair / Rebuild Specialists | Charlotte NC

Is your Honda not shifting properly? Or maybe it won’t move? Honda transmissions are well-built and focused on performance. From the race track to the suburbs, Honda has a transmission that is built to handle it all. Sadly, Honda Transmissions are also one of the top vehicles for transmission problems, transmission repair and transmission failure. Twin Charlotte is Charlotte’s best transmission repair shop and specialize in all types of transmission rebuilds, including Honda Transmission Repair and Rebuild. Common Vehicles Types […]