Hyundai Accent Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

Before looking into a complete rebuild on a Hyundai Accent Transmission, there are several different things you can look for to try and diagnose your transmission problem: ► Is there fluid leaking? ► Is the unit overheated? ► Are there strange noises? (buzzing or humming) ► Problems shifting between gears? Each one of those Hyundai Accent transmission problems can point to a different type of repair. For example, if there is fluid leaking, that could be caused by a broken gasket […]

Rebuilt Transmission Diagnosis | Charlotte NC

One of the first statements we hear from telephone callers in Charlotte NC is “I think I need a Rebuilt Transmission.” Then, of course, the next question is, “How much does it cost?” Our first thought when we hear these questions are “Has the vehicle been properly diagnosed?” Only a proper diagnosis on your vehicle will accurately tell us if you do, indeed, need a rebuilt transmission. (Get a Free Transmission Diagnosis here.) We once had a phone call from […]

Top Transmission Problems | Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

Believe it or not, your transmission is one of the most important parts inside your vehicle. If your transmission fails, your vehicle will not be able to move. The transmisison controls power from your engine to your driveshaft, which helps turn the wheels of your car. Good preventive maintenance can help to keep your transmission in shape, but high mileage, age, and common wear and tear on the vehicle can still create a transmission problem. Here are some of the […]

Transmission Shops near Matthews NC

Twin Automotive & Transmission is the top rated transmission shop near Matthews, NC. Matthews NC is a well established city located close to Charlotte, NC. When shopping for a transmission shop near Matthews, NC its best to receive estimates on your transmission repair from 3 shops. There are many transmission shops in the Charlotte NC / Matthews NC area, so it may be hard to choose the best one. Let this blog article help as a guide for your buying […]

Ford Explorer Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

Transmission problems in Ford Explorers are one of the most commonly complained about issues of any car on the road. With a typical repair cost over $2,000 it’s easy to see why owners are so upset. One dealer even claims that 1 out of every 10 Explorer’s from the early 2000 model years will have transmission failure at some point. What signs can you look for when it comes to transmission failure? Transmission Slipping Transmission Shifts Hard Transmission Failure O/D […]