2005 Ford Taurus Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

From timing chain to A/C Compressor repair to torque converter problems, the most common complaint about the 2005 Ford Taurus is transmission failure. Luckily, there is hope — and ways to get your 2005 Ford Taurus back on the road if you need a transmission repair. Two of the most common 2005 Ford Taurus symptoms for transmission repair include these senarios: 1) trying to drive forward, but not much movement forward, but realizing the engine is still revving up And […]

Rebuilt Transmissions in Charlotte NC

Nothing is worse than having your transission fail. Above other auto repairs, the only other repair that can come close is an engine failure. Unlike other repair problems, where you still may be able to operate your truck, suv or car, a failed transmission means your vehicle isn’t moving anywhere. If you need to get back on the road, Charlotte’s transmission specialists, Twin Automotive & Transmission Repair can answer all your questions about your transmission, including a rebuilt transmission Based […]