What Causes Transmission to Slip Gears?

A common issue with automatic transmission is the slipping of gears. There are many indications that tell you that your transmission is slipping gears. The transmission will downshift randomly or it may lose the gear altogether. Even though this is a common issue, it shouldn’t be ignored. This is because a simple gear slipping issue could develop into something major over time. There are many reasons why a transmission may slip gears. If you come across a gear slipping issue […]

How Often Should You Have A Transmission Fluid Flush?

Flushing a transmission is a maintenance tip for auto transmissions. This practice involves draining all the dirty transmission fluid and refilling it using a pump. This is done to maintain the integrity of the internal components of a transmission. Moreover, it even extends the life of an auto transmission. Manufacturers recommend that you flush the fluid of an auto transmission every few thousand miles. Doing so also ensures that you get the best performance from the transmission throughout its useful […]

What Happens If You Do Not Change Or Check Your Engine Oil?

The engine oil used in a car has various functions. Engine oil is commonly perceived to be for the sole purpose of lubricating. However, the engine oil contributes significantly towards cooling the engine as well. Water circulation alone cannot control the immense heat produced by the engine. About 60 to 70% of the engine heat is absorbed by the oil. The engine oil also lubricates the internal components of the engine to prolong their life. Engine oil has to be […]

What Is Transmission Repair Vs A Transmission Rebuild?

Unlike a manual transmission an automatic one has a shorter life. Moreover, automatic transmissions require more care than manual ones. From time to time automatic transmissions require certain maintenance tweaks. This includes fluid change and flush and solenoid repair. If a minor repair is ignored, the transmission may develop a major fault because of it. In the event of major failures, a transmission can be repaired, replaced or rebuilt. Replacing a transmission is not always a convenient option as new […]

3 Top Honda Cars with Transmission Problems

Honda is one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world. However, certain Honda vehicles have issues with the automatic transmission. These issues are due to recent changes in auto transmission designs. These design changes brought about major issues due to which Honda even had to recall certain vehicles. Most of these issues are quite minor but they transformed into major ones because they were ignored initially. Of course, no one expects even minor issues with a brand-new transmission. Let’s […]

Why Is It Better To Get A Transmission Rebuild Rather Than Buy A Used Transmission?

In the event you have a faulty transmission there are three options you can choose from. The first option is repairing the transmission. This method is quite cost-effective, but it’s not recommended for transmissions that have used for more than 80,000 miles. In addition, major failures are not properly taken care of just by repairing. This leaves you with two feasible options. The first is a rebuild, which can be quite costly. The second option is buying a replacement transmission. […]

3 Top Common Transmission Problems

One of the most important components of a vehicle is the transmission. Without a transmission the vehicle won’t run, won’t be able to carry heavy loads, etc. Moreover, the gas mileage of a vehicle is also affected by a faulty transmission. Therefore, to ensure your car is running smoothly and giving you good gas mileage, you should care for the transmission. There are certain issues in auto transmissions that are fairly common. If these issues are detected early on, you […]

What Is A Transmission Fluid Flush And Why Is It Important For Your Car?

Much like an engine oil change, changing the transmission fluid is also extremely necessary. The contaminated fluid has to be removed and refilled with clean fluid. However, a simple fluid change doesn’t always do the trick. This is because some of the contaminants remain within the engine. These contaminants get mixed with the new fluid. To avoid this, car manufacturers recommend a transmission flush. A transmission flush is performed with the help of a pump. This pump drains the old […]

3 Symptoms of Transmission Problems with Volkswagen Cars

Volkswagen cars are known to be among the best in the world. However, recent design changes in some automatic transmissions have resulted in certain manufacturing defects. These manufacturing defects caused immense problems to the customers. Some customers reported a transmission failure at 40,000 miles and some at 80,000. Typically an automatic transmission’s life is much longer than this. Before complete failure, the transmission displayed certain symptoms to indicate an issue. Most customers ignored these symptoms as they were not expecting […]

3 Reasons Your Radiator May Need To Be Replaced

A car radiator is the chief component of the engine cooling system. Modern car engines are water cooled. The water circulates inside the engine and absorbs the heat dispersed by the engine. The hot water then makes its way into the radiator core. The core is equipped with a fan which cools the water down. Once the water is cooled, it makes its way back into the engine to once again absorb the heat.  This ensures that an internal combustion […]