Signs of a Serious Transmission Problem

A transmission problem is something that you should never take lightly. A properly working transmission is vital to ensuring that your automobile works as best as possible. Not only that, but ignoring transmission problems could also be quite costly. If you believe that your vehicle is having transmission issues but you are not sure, keep reading to learn about signs that your vehicle is experiencing transmission difficulties so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you […]

Should I Drive With a Transmission Leak?

Have you noticed that your vehicle is leaking a red fluid? Then you’re most likely leaking transmission fluid. At first sight, you may become worried and are probably wondering if you should even drive your vehicle in the first place. The good news is driving with a transmission leak is not immediately damaging to your vehicle. Even so, if you notice that your vehicle has a transmission leak, you need to take it to your local garage as quickly as […]

Tips for Transmission Maintenance

If you happen to be a car owner, then a good thing to do is to have a yearly checklist of keeping your car in good condition and maintain proper transmission maintenance. You have to do regular checkups if you want your car to function as it should and to work as smooth as possible. Many things inside the car are dependant from the transmission. Most important thing of the transmission is to transfer the power from the engine to […]

Warning Signs of Transmission Problems

       Transmission is probably the most important component of the car. If there is no transmission then it is impossible for the car to operate. Also the usage of fuel is directly in relation with the transmission, so if there is a problem in the transmission then your car will not be very efficient and will use more gas. You should always take care of the transmission if you want your car to have longer life and to […]

How To Maintain And Keep The Car`s Transmission In Good Shape

The function of the car`s transmission is to transfer the power to the driving mechanism of the car, which will allow the car to move. The transmission is usually located in a gearbox, and it`s converting the power speed into torque. Car experts are recommending that the transmission needs to be serviced once a year or after the car has covered at least twenty-five thousand kilometers. Depending on the car model and the make, a transmission rebuild can cost a […]

The Function of the Car`s Transmission Control Module

In order to operate, every car needs power transferred from the engine to the wheels. The transmission`s role is to transfer that power. Automatic car transmissions include hydraulic systems, mechanical systems, computer controls and electric systems, all connected and operating together. The basic transmission parts are the housing, gear, filter and fluid. Many times the car has to climb on hills while moving at slow speeds. The change of the power in which the car is moving is done by […]

How Frequently You Should Change The Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluids should be regularly inspected and changed because dirty and old fluids lead to difficult gear shifting. This is especially visible in the winter months, when the transmission is colder. Transmission fluid leaks are a common problem in the transmission system. Due to the vehicle usage, the inside seals of the transmission may become weary and faulty. Sometimes the transmission fluid can also be contaminated and that can lead to many problems. In some cars with problems with […]

Car Transmission System And Its Types

Car transmission system is an assembly of many different parts in the car that are sending out signals to other car parts, ensuring its proper function and mobility. The transmission system is consisted of a few very important parts, such as the torque converter, the propeller shaft and the speed changing gears. Each of the individual parts plays a vital role in the overall function of the car. The way the transmission works is by generating power from the internal […]