Can I Even Get a New Transmission?

One thing that can kill the performance of a car faster than most others is a bad transmission. When you hear the warning sounds, such as unexpected grinding, whining, or clunking, then you know you need to have your car looked at by someone who specializes in transmission repair in Charlotte NC. However, what if you have delayed too long and the transmission is beyond a simple repair job? You will need to know if getting a new transmission is […]

Is Transmission Repair Something I Can Teach Myself?

Transmissions are an important part of your vehicle and without them, you will find that your vehicle does not shift correctly and you have trouble driving from one area to the next. Unfortunately, if you have a major transmission repair that needs to be performed, it will cost you money. Typically, transmission repairs are not inexpensive and they are complicated as well. If you are wondering if you can teach yourself how to repair your transmission, continue reading for more […]

How to Find Someone for Top Transmission Repair

  With a piece of your engine as complicated and extensive as your transmission, you definitely do not want to have just anyone take charge of your car transmission repair. For all the money that you will pay to have this vital part of your engine repaired, you want a top-notch job, but how can you find someone qualified to do so? Keep reading for a list of some great ideas to consider when searching for transmission repair charlotte NC. […]

Three Questions to Ask a Transmission Repair Specialist

When you need transmission work performed on your vehicle, you can almost count on the fact that it is not going to be an inexpensive repair. Many people get frustrated when their transmission acts up due to the fact that you need your transmission to function properly or the vehicle itself will not function correctly. Needing transmission repairs performed on your vehicle leaves you vulnerable and you may run into the shop that wants to scam you of your hard-earned […]

Sounds That Indicate Your Transmission is Going Out

You rely on your vehicle to help you make it through your day. Whether you use your gas-sipping car to commute to work each day, your four-wheel drive truck to haul your boat to your favorite lake for fishing and relaxation or your sports car to take a drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you want to keep it in top running order so that it is ready to go when you are. Just like the human body, your vehicle […]

Where to Find a Good Transmission Repair Expert

When you are in need of transmission repairs, finding a qualified shop or technician can be like trying to find a grain of brown rice in a bowl of white rice. Not all technicians are qualified to handle all types of transmission repairs, rebuilds, or replacements. Not only does it take a trained professional, the person performing the repairs must know what they are doing and have years of experience. If you hire someone to fix your transmission and they […]

Three Signs Your Transmission Was Damaged in a Recent Accident

  If your vehicle has been in a collision, you may be wondering if the transmission suffered any type of damage. While transmission problems may not present themselves right away, it is important for you not to assume you are in the clear. Whether you are involved in a front end or a rear end collision, you may experience three of the common transmission damage warnings. Slipping Transmission A sign that your vehicle has been damaged in a collision will […]