What Are Some Common Problems With a Solenoid?

  The transmission solenoid is responsible for opening and closing the valves that allow the transmission fluid to enter and do its job. If the solenoid is not working correctly, you will not be getting the right amount of fluid pressure that allows for the changing of gears. If you are experiencing trouble or difficulty when changing gears, you might have one of several issues involving the transmission solenoid. Here are some of the more common problems with a solenoid. […]

What are Some Causes and Signs of Torque Converter Problems?

Many parts make up a car and help it to run the way it’s supposed to. Knowing how those parts operate is by no means necessary but it definitely helps when things seem to be going wrong. The Torque converter is the part of the care that handles the amount of fluid that is sent to the automatic transmission. This fluid allows you car to continue running even when you are at a complete stop. Being that having a car […]

What Causes Fluid Leak?

There are times when you can identify a problem with your vehicle and other times when you may have no clue. Some ways to tell if you have car issues is by the sounds and sights coming from the vehicle. You may hear a grinding, screeching, or rattling noise signifying there is an issue. You may also see some things to help you discover there is a problem with the vehicle. Things like a loose part or a check engine […]

When The Transmission is Overheated, What Should I do?

  Transmission problems can happen at any time. If you want to stay off the side of the road with a broken down vehicle, you need to stay on top of your vehicle’s transmission. Checking the owner’s manual to see how often it should be serviced is crucial to keep it running longer and at optimal conditions. One of the most common problems you could run into with your transmission is it overheating. This is usually signaled when you smell […]

How to Troubleshoot Automatic Transmissions: The Basics

Anytime you have something go wrong with your vehicle, you want to make sure you get it fixed right away. This can not only help you save both time and money, but it can also prevent further problems with your vehicle. Your transmission is a complex mechanical part of your vehicle. When it is under distress, you can usually spot symptoms to help you determine what is causing the problem. Transmission problems can be very time consuming and expensive to […]

What are some Obvious Signs of Transmission Problems?

Transmission problems are one of the easiest things to figure out on a vehicle. Your transmission is a complex system that is used to help your engine operate. When you do experience transmission problems, it is important to take care of it right away to avoid further problems. There are many symptoms your transmission will experience during your time as a car owner. Some of these are more critical than others depending on what your vehicle is doing. You need […]

Review and Compare: Transmission Jack

When you are working on your transmission, you will definitely want to have the right jack to help you finish the job. Without the right tool for the job, you will find that you struggle much more than is really necessary. In order to know what transmission jack will work for you and your needs, you can look at the weight (poundage) that the jack can hold, whether it is low or high lift, if it is horizontal or vertical, […]

How to Determine the Type of Transmission You Have

  Any vehicle has one of two kinds of transmission: manual or automatic. While there are only to kinds of transmission available, the types of transmission are numerous; you would probably see over two hundred different types of transmission on the road. They type of transmission is determined by the manufacturer and you will want to match to the original the parts whenever you can. To do this, you will need to be able to identify what type of transmission […]