Twin Charlotte: Will Changing Transmission Fluid Fix an Ongoing Problem?

When it comes to transmission repair in Charlotte, NC, you would be surprised at how many people know nothing about them. If you go to check your transmission fluid and it doesn’t look right, then it probably needs to be changed pretty quickly. If you know nothing about transmissions, then you really need to call in a reputable repair shop to take care of it for you. While changing transmission fluid can help for a while, if it is an […]

Why Transmission Repair / Rebuilding Isn’t a Secret Operation

If you have ever had to have transmission work done before, you know how important it is to make sure that the mechanic is not only qualified, but has worked on transmissions before. Your vehicle’s transmission is like its lifeline and if you do not take proper care of it, your vehicle will not move forward and you will be stuck in one place. When it comes to transmission repairs and rebuilding, you may feel like you are in the […]

Top Signs a Transmission Repair Requires a Pro

Unless you are a mechanic, very few people actually think about the transmission in their car until something goes wrong. If you are not a mechanic or very apt at fixing cars, then you will not want to take on a transmission repair yourself. There are many people who can handle simple transmission problems, however, there are times when it is time to give up the fight and call in the pros to do the job the right way. Below […]

Your Guide for Rebuilding Transmission

Some may wonder what the difference between a transmission overhaul and a transmission rebuild. Well, the truth is that they are the same thing. Mechanics might use this lingo and these terms because they are one in the same. So you may be wondering what exactly a transmission rebuild is? It’s simply occurs when someone decides to take an old transmission apart and rebuild it by replacing parts and making it work well again. A mechanic or handy and skilled […]

Your Guide to Overhauling Your Transmission

Contrary to popular belief, overhauling your transmission and rebuilding it are pretty much the same things. The terms ‘transmission overhaul’ and ‘transmission rebuild’ cover the same procedure. The phrases are simply interchanged and used differently depending on the preference of the mechanic. Being that they are the same thing, in order to rebuild or overhaul your transmission, a mechanic would need to disassemble your original transmission, clean its parts, and replace the majority of the parts with new ones.   […]

The Transmission is Overheating… What Now?

There are many problems that can occur with your vehicle’s transmission. You have to keep a sharp eye and sharp ears to become aware of certain problems or you could miss something crucial. However, sometimes these problems can go undetected until they worsen. One very common problem is when the transmission overheats. This means that there is something wrong with the transmission fluid. It may be caused by a leak and the one thing you should do is think about […]

What is the Function of a Solenoid?

When you are working on your transmission or are trying to learn more about your transmission, you will hear about the transmission’s solenoid. The typical next question is “What is the solenoid and what does it do?” The solenoid is a relatively small part of the transmission, but it plays a very large role in allowing the transmission to function as it should. Here are some answers to the basic questions regarding the function of a transmission solenoid. What is […]

Your Guide for Overhauling A Transmission

eed to make sure you are buying the correct transmission rebuilding kit. Not every kit includes the same things, but for the most part, you will be able to find items like seals, O-rings, gaskets, washers, clutches, and more. Remember that if you already have an idea which parts you want to replace to buy the transmission rebuilding kit that includes those parts.   All parts included in a transmission replacement kit will be clean and new. The parts in […]

Causes of fluid leak in your transmission

There are many causes of fluid leaks in your transmissions. Paying attention to the condition of your transmission will help you greatly. It is best to try to detect these problems early so you can save as much money on repairs as possible. Go to a mechanic if you are not really sure if there are any problems or not. But these are just a few of the major causes of fluid leak in your transmission.   Securing certain areas […]

What Causes Slipping With my Transmission?

  When a transmission starts to slip, it is important to get to an auto shop right away. Even if there is nothing wrong with the transmission yet, ignoring the signs can lead to bigger problems in the future. It is better to get to a repair shop now instead of waiting for the issue to get worse. If you experience any unusual smells or noises, grinding of gears, or problems accelerating or reversing, you might be having trouble with […]