Reasons why you need Chevy Cobalt extended warranty

Just like any other machine or home appliance, your Chevy Cobalt must be well taken care of. Cars develop issues every now and then. Since this can be quite unpredictable, it can lead to unbelievable expenses and worse, it can lead to deaths through accidents. Imagine the car shutting off completely while on the highway? Due to these unforeseen mechanical issues, you need a Chevy Cobalt Extended Warranty. Whether it is a transmission repair you need or any other repair, […]

The History Of Chrysler Problems

Just like any other type of car, Chrysler has its own problems that have frustrated its clients. There have been complaints about several common problems that Chrysler owners have faced. It could be about transmission, oil leakage and consumption and the gear getting stuck in park. All of these problems are not unique to the Chrysler cars but they are quite common. Below here is the history of Chrysler problems. Car shutting off  Some have complained about the car surging forward […]

10 crazy (but true) things about Dodge Problems

Dodge cars are some of the best cars that many boast about. Despite it being a reliable car model, there have been issues reported by the owners including those of transmission. Here are some of the 10 crazy but true things about the model. Engine shutting off Common problems that have been reported with Dodge Charge include the engine locking without giving a warning. The car happens to shut off every time that it is stopped. This can be quite […]

Most Common Problems With Honda

No matter the year or model, Honda vehicles have remained a fairly popular choice with many car owners throughout the years. As with many vehicles, however, any Honda vehicles is not without its flaws. As a soon-to-be car owner, even if it isn’t your first car, it is imperative that you conduct the proper research beforehand so you have an idea of what type of vehicle may best suit your needs. To assist you in your research below are the […]

The 3 Main Reasons Honda Vehicles Engine Vibration Problems

Any unknown issue with your vehicle can be alarming, if not scary, should raise immediate concerns over what the cause of the issue is. One of the more disquieting vehicle malfunction is when your engine is vibrating, which can result in shaking and noises even when the vehicle is idle. The largest concern with engine vibration, however, is that there are several common causes for it. Knowing some of the common cause can help dispel any extra stress or worry, […]

The Worst Used Cars to Buy

For many people it is difficult to find the funds to purchase a vehicle that is brand-new, but that isn’t the only viable options car owners have these days. Many dealerships have cars that were previously owned but were sold back to them, usually as a trade-in. These used vehicles are of varying qualities and ages, yet can still function as a good all-around vehicle. When deciding what car to purchase it would be beneficial to do research on both […]

Why GMC Problems Will Make You Question Buying These Vehicles

As with any other make, GMC vehicles are not without their issues, and they indeed have a whole host of malfunctions and errors that consumers experience with any of their various models. This being said, consumers can be a fickle beast and even the most inconsequential issue can become an enormous issue. The true difficulty lies in finding out what issues are truly serious and which ones are simply minor inconveniences. These are all important point you should keep in […]

How Does the 2001 Honda Accord Transmission Compare with Other Models?

The 2001 Honda Accord is notoriously known for its transmission problems. Most accords are, no matter which year you happen to get them. That is just the way accords are built. In comparison to other Honda models, the 2001 Honda Accord is definitely much less reliable. Read on to find out the reasons why. Transmission Failure There are so many reports of transmission failure with this model that it probably isn’t even worth buying this car. It costs about $4,000 […]

Recent Reports name the 2012 Nissan Versa one of the Worst when it comes to Transmissions

The 2012 Nissan Versa is without a doubt one of worst cars in the world when it comes to transmissions. The transmission of this vehicle is terribly faulty and just does not work the way that a normal transmission would. If you want to know more about the 2012 Nissan Versa and why it has such a bad transmission, then continue reading to find out. Transmission Failure Transmission failure seems to be the biggest problem overall with the 2012 Nissan […]