How to Know You’re Viewing Trustworthy Vehicle History Reports

When buying a used car you want to make sure you know everything about the vehicle itself, you want to know the types of accidents it has been in and if regular maintenance has been kept up with it through out the years. There are little tricks that people use to make the report look clean and free of accidents. It is always a smart idea to proceed with caution, have the car checked by someone you trust, test drive […]

How to Solve the Biggest Transmission Problems with your Pontiac

A Former Brand There are nearly a hundred, if not a little bit less, car manufacturers across the world. Cars from Japan and Italy have unique looks, whereas cars built in America have more of a focus on durability and fuel costs General Motors, based in Detroit is probably the biggest car manufacturer in the United States. Fan of Disney World should know them as the main sponsor of the popular ride Test Track. The 2000s economic crash was not kind […]

EditCloneMore The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Toyota Problems

Toyota, Another Huge Car Company Japan is home to all different kinds of multinational companies that create all kinds of products. Nintendo is arguably the most well-known video game manufacturer of all time. The Sony Corporation produces all kinds of unique electronics from TVs to Blu-ray players. There is the ubiquitous Hello Kitty line of plush toys. However, Japan is known for manufacturing something that is not only useful for the whole world, but also something that they have been […]

5 General Maintenance Issues with Most Cars

Owning a Car is Sometimes Not Awesome Car commercials are everywhere, advertising the newest and most awesome cars for all drivers out there. With the newest technology in cars, such as state of the art steering, rear view cameras for safety and even the music capabilities showcase cars impressive sound systems. With so many cool features, it is no wonder everyone wants to buy the latest, coolest car. Car enthusiasts are psyched to see what comes next, and regular drivers […]

5 Problems with Ford Vehicles

Every car has its own issues and around the world, we have seen many auto companies recalling different vehicles over the years. Some have been blamed for numerous deaths while others are blamed for just stalling and costing a lot of money. Ford which is one of the best car models is not exceptional as it has its own problems as well. With some of these problems leading to many swearing that they will not purchase another Ford vehicle, below […]