5 Transmission Problems You Can’t Ignore

As much as you are enjoying your riding your car around town, but what would it be like if your transmission is going to fail.  You should not nor cannot

Here are the top 5 Transmission problems you can’t ignore:

  1. Slipping Transmission

If your gear works well, but all of a sudden changes for no apparent reason. That is dangerous, so better get it checked, and diagnosed. Also, make sure when you’re pressing the gas that it works. It simply means that there is not enough energy that is being transmitted by the ignition part. If your car does not go into gear, could be a sign of a clutch plate problem.

  1. Car shakes when you try to change gears.

For this situation, do not think twice. You have to run to the nearest transmission office in your area and have it diagnosed properly so that and early. Only a repairman or mechanic can help with this problem, and all you can do is pray. While the issue isn’t big enough to be worried about.

  1. You are experiencing a rough shift in your gears.

If you have a not so very smooth gear shift. And if your car is being hard headed not wanting you to change gears promotes some kind of problem that just could not be ignored. Accidents while driving could happen to anyone anytime, always try to stay safe by taking a well working vehicle on your trips.

  1. Engagement delays

This is noticeable. You will notice this by observing the before the car actually engages, it already starts moving forward. And when you reverse the car there is a long pause that even when you press on the gas, the car is delayed in its movement.

  1. Oil or fluid leak.

This leak is never to be ignored. Transmissions are usually sealed and should not be leaking fluid. If you noticed some leaky spots in your driveway, do give it a check my laying down under your car to determine if the leak is an active one. Do not refill your transmission fluid unless you are sure of what you are doing. Better yet go to the nearest service shop.

Warning Light

Another one that is not noticeable at the first glance is the warning light. This could be referred to as the “check engine light.” it does not necessarily mean that you are having a problem with your transmission if you see this blinking but if it keeps occurring more often than it should. Then that’s the time you can say you are having a problem with your car.

Transmission shops have diagnostic equipment made for checking the warning light that generated the error code of the vehicle.

Transmission repair cost:

If all of the above happened or is happening to your car, do not hesitate to ask for help. Charges for transmission repair cost starts from $150, and it could go as high as $2,500, depending on the seriousness of the case in your transmission damage. More importantly that we try to avoid accidents on the road just because of little things that we ignore Happy driving around! Contact the professionals at Twin Charlotte Transmission for more information.

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Top 5 Signs You Need a Transmission Replacement Instead of a Repair

Top 5 Signs You Need a Transmission Replacement Instead of a Repair

If you have experienced the following on your car: Burning smell of transmission fluid, delay in shifting your gears, reluctant to shift to higher gears, transmission slips and finding fine metallic particles found at the oil pan bottom.  Yes, there could be a problem, but it isn’t enough to get you a recommendation for transmission replacement.

What you will need to do is to be able to have your car properly diagnosed first. After the diagnosis, that is the time when you can determine if some of the defects in your vehicle do need replacement of just a repair.

The recommendation:

Something that is being overlooked by most owners is to tune their engines first. So in order to give you a review and idea, the throttle position is the one that regulates the vacuum to the modulator. What it does is it stands to motivate the engine. It must produce the correct power for the throttle position that you chose. Its power curve should also be smooth. A weak acceleration of your diesel and power needs some fixing. Check the fuel injectors; they play a key role with that you are doing. If the tuning, the fuel injector, check to see if your engines worked already, they do then you know the drill.

Keep it simple. First things first, make sure you have your vacuum set in place. This vacuum is used by diesel automatics to help modulate it and control shifting. If it is, look for those loose vacuum by meticulously checking the vacuum and its connections inside your engine compartment. Check all the rubber hoses, their connection, and their tightness. Refer to your user’s manual to get your vacuum have a correct house routing.

Check for leaks in the vacuum. Check how it works. Check the 3/2 switchover valve; they should be able to control the EGR functions.  Thoroughly check if it does need some repair as it usually does. Check for damage and leaks, if it’s just worn off with leaking seals, and the input shaft and loose connections. If they do, they will need a re-building. Note that 1980 – 1984 diesel models have a small vacuum that stitches valves located at the valve cover.

Set a modulation pressure, but before you do that, try it yourself first to replace the vacuum, the modulator, and its transmission. Only engines with proper modulation pressure have an important and critical role to have a working vehicle.

If all else fails.

After taking care of all of the above, that will be the time for you to fine-tune the transmission that has a shift pattern for optimum performance. You might think that tuning your transmission to have a Peak Shifting Performance result. Tuning your engine is more of an art than science, but if you fell that you can’t do all these, and you are ok to use just one method of getting your engine fixed, it’s totally fine as long as you can keep your engine running again. Otherwise, if you’re confused even by reading this article, get somebody else professional who can help. Contact Twin Charlotte Transmission for more help today.

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Transmission On the Outs? Top Signs It’s Time For A Rebuild


Transmission On the Outs? Top Signs It’s Time For A Rebuild

Fixing your car’s transmission is the most costly vehicle repair a proprietor can make. The expense could run up amongst $1800 and $2500 for an overhaul transmission. An average expense of $3000 is subjective and is dependent on the damage and diagnosis by the mechanic.

Making transmission repairs on the known defects of your car significantly lessens the expense of transmission work. It can also keep the requirement for transmission substitution. If your car is showing signs of breakdown get it to a transmission repair shop as soon as you can. Auto problems don’t just simply vanish into thin air. They just compound and cause more harm to the motor.

Here are the top signs where you can say that your car does need some fixing done to it:

  1. The shaking car when you try to change gears.

Normally, if your ride is smooth and was able to withstand rigging shifts, you can move along and move on. But, if your car shakes whenever you try to change gears, then do not think twice. The situation calls for a repairman or a mechanic. It’s better to fix this issue early that late on this one.

  1. Burning Fluid Smell and leaking oil.

Burning fluid smell on your car is a big scare. Also, you should be able to take note the “it’s” not all the time a smell of burned oil, but a smell of plastic being burned. Do no wait for your car to start on fire before taking it to the car doctor. Running your car with, tainted transmission liquid is pretty much unsafe, once you spot this defect have your oil changed or fixed.

Same as through with leaking transmission oil, you have to have the leaks repaired in order for the fluid in the transmission area will remain steady and extend the life of your vehicle.

  1. Gears that are slipping, or vehicles not going into gear.

Unless you choose to change the gear, the transmission of your car should just be in one rigging. However if your transmission ‘slips’ it might give you an RPM of 3500+ or it may take a while to settle. If your car does not accelerate when you press the gas, it simply means that there is not enough energy that is being transmitted by the ignition part. If your car does not go into gear, could be a sign of a clutch plate problem.

  1. Your car in neutral and yet it’s still noisy.

If your car is in neutral and you hear whining, whimpering, moaning or groaning, your car is telling you something, just like any other human being who would tell that they are about to get sick.  Note that with this issue the wear and tear on the bearings or the teeth of the gear indicate a transmission that failed.

  1. Check engine stays on.

If this happens, note that the car you are riding in is having a lot of difficulties. Take it to the transmission specialist to have it diagnosed and re-built! Contact Twin Charlotte Transmission today for all of your transmission needs.

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DIY Transmission Repair vs. Professional: Which is Better?

DIY Transmission Repair vs. Professional: Which is Better?

It isn’t all the time that your car engine that broke will need some transmission fixing. However, inevitable times like transmission breakdowns will require you to have your car fixed whether by yourself or by a professional help coming from a licensed mechanic. Let’s try to find out which one is better, to have your car fixed by yourself or that you hire a pro to fix it?

There are car owners that are the mechanic type, and there are those who could even barely tell the parts of the car so long as they know how to drive them. If your car’s defect is minimal, do-it-yourself is possible without anyone’s help. Some car ailments as not as bad and might require just like any other normal upkeep. However, knowing when to hire a qualified repairman important as it sounds, could cause you to spend a lot of dollars sooner or later, the reason why most people opt to try and do the car fixing themselves.

Is Do It Yourself Really Worth It

Cars buyers know that their vehicle comes with a proprietor’s manual. These manuals contain, valuable data, so, it is best that you give consideration on the timetable of protection for your cars upkeep and vital repairs. There are vehicles that need extraordinary consideration. Some cars need regular checking. The reason is that some of them might have obsolete frameworks that you may not even understand how to operate.

For this, an exclusive and qualified repairman will know how to handle such issue. Perhaps in cases like this, only the mechanics know the assets for every make, model and year of the vehicle. They may be able to fix it better than the DIY Book for Dummies at the bookstore.

What another concern for car owner with it comes to auto repairs is the security. However, in order to alleviate your stress over it, you might consider leaving the problem to the repair man.  If you’ve even seen one being done, you will notice that at times mechanics would for under the car to have it checked and fixed. Reports say that there are many new individuals who have been a victim of catastrophe because their auto slipped and fell on them.

What to Do When Hiring Someone Else?

Using the right tool is important when it comes to auto repairs. Make sure your mechanics have pretty much everything he needs when fixing your car. Try to see also that he used the right size of devices.  If you plan on fixing your own car, DIY assignments like changing the oil is a serious task. Some car repair jobs even require exceptional wrenches. If you are the frugal type yet would love to fight in case you’re not into purchasing a lot of new instruments to preserve your auto, it will help give the masters a chance to deal with those things.

Be mindful of the time. Some transmission repairs take longer than what has been planned. But knowing that the repairman has experienced encountering the same problem over and over will develop in them the skill to exactly know how to fix the vehicle. If you need to order some car parts, make sure first that you really do need those parts before buying them. Otherwise, you will just end up with a lot of spare parts that you cannot even use. Contact Twin Charlotte Transmission today for more information.

The best thing to do above all this is to look for a decent and professional technician that you can trust with your car and stay with him. Having a good relationship with you auto mechanic this way, your auto repairs will be done accurately, with a little weight on your part.

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5 Reasons to Take Your Car to A Transmission Shop Instead of DIY

5 Reasons to Take Your Car to A Transmission Shop Instead of DIY

Cost is the main reason why anyone would delay going to a shop and have a professional check their vehicle. This is the reason why some of us would opt for the do it yourself method when to try to find out what the matter of their car was. However, if you are no mechanic, and you have no idea what you are doing, it’s better to leave your concerns in the hand of a professional.

Here are some five reasons why it is better to leave your transmission concerns to the professional instead of doing the DIY:

  1. It’s complicated!

Admit it; you do not know what you are doing. Not only that, but you also do not know what caused your car to break down. You may have tried diagnosing the problem to your car but to no avail, you will just end up looking for help. Let the professionals themselves check your car for you to make it easier and faster. The mechanics will try to check your transmission fluid and would try to fix some leaks should there be any. Your burned clutches and broken bands will need to be dissembled. Unless you know what you are doing go ahead but if not, leave it to the professionals.

  1. Covered by warranty.

If warranty covers it what’s your worry? It’s even better because then, some of the things that can be covered by warranty can ha deduct the cost if your will need to use the same card in the future, for a quicker efficient service.

  1. Need some advanced tool.

If you lack in tools, it is much better that you take your car to the shop where somebody has meticulously erected and maintained. Lacking in tools could cause more harm than damage, especially if you will not know what kind of tool you will be looking. This time around you can be assured that handing your car to another professional will give you better chances of getting your car fixed professionally

  1. On The Road.

If you got stranded in the middle of the dessert. Leaving your projects to the professional gives us many people the opportunity to find help. This is the part where you run away from your car and get somebody else to help pull the car out from where ever you are stuck. Because of this, it will not be really helpful for a weary traveler to try and diagnose the cars problem on the road. You can call a truck to take your vehicle to the nearest center and have it fixed there.

  1. Warranty covers it.

Having a warranty is a privilege in order for the warranty team is able to fix it. This bullet point Is where you can attest that if you have a warranty, do not do any DIY on your item. Otherwise, items that have been broken sealed or tampered will not be acceptable to get a warranty covered.  Don’t lose that privileged, Jeep you warranty cards. Contact Twin Charlotte Transmission today for all of your needs.

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Top 3 Things Your Transmission Specialist Wishes You Knew

Top 3 Things Your Transmission Specialist Wishes You Knew

Meeting with a transmission specialist for your car is a good idea especially if you have not much of an idea how to fix it. However, there are just some things that a good transmission specialist would want you to know but might not even bother to tell you. Here are five of the things that the transmission specialist wish you knew:

  1. Listen to your car.

Transmission specialist is not as happy when you come to them with your own carelessness. If you do care for your automobile, the first unusual signs of your transmission should already be given your immediate attention. Signs like strange noise when changing gears, or if you’re finding a dark fluid under your driveway decide to have your car checked right away. Make sure that your transmission fluid is just right about the right volume, not too low and dirty otherwise; burned fuel will destroy your car that easy.

Your car’s transmission should not be allowed to overheat. About 90% of cars breaking down is due to excessive heat in the transmission. For the record, remember that every 20 degrees of increase in the fluid temperature of your car could destroy the transmission of it by 50%. Just like us, human beings, if increasing our temperature by 2 degrees could mean we are sick with fever, how much more our automobiles. We ought to listen to our cars body if we want to preserve its lifespan.

  1. Ask Us

Ask questions about what they found out about your car. Ask them their recommendation regarding your car, ask them a question regarding their shop. You can also ask them how long they’ve been in business, what warranties do they offer and about their licenses and the kind of equipment they use. When you look around, try and see if the garage they are working on is a clean one. If you find oil spills and dirty rags, get ready to start your engine and get a different transmission guy to do the job at another shop.

Don’t be afraid of how much it would cost you to have us fix your car. Legit transmission specialist shops would display certificates coming from the ASE 9National Institute for Automotive Excellence. If you see them, displaying their Certification from the American Automobile Association, or displaying our permit at our shop it simply means we are the one you’re looking for. Certified shops would try to do their utmost in preserving their business and their brand.

  1. Be careful of a transmission specialist’s scare tactics.


There are those guys who do their job well in fixing your car’s transmission, but there are also those who are just trying to rip you off with your money. Especially those that would dare tell you, “I wouldn’t drive this another mile,” when you knew your car only had a minimal defect.

There you have it, things your transmission specialist wishes you knew. For more help with your transmission needs, contact Twin Transmission today.

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Top 3 Signs Your Transmission Is On the Fritz

Faulty transmissions can be dangerous. In order to avoid the danger, you must learn the signs and symptoms so that you can have it repaired in time. This way, you will be able to have your car or truck get the servicing it needs before worse comes to worst.

Our cars are prone to have problems if we don’t take good care of them. Your relationship with your car could also be compared to the relationship you have with your object of affection. We lose what we do not care for, so in order to keep our cars and automobiles for a longer time, we need to take care of them like a pro. Especially when it comes to its transmission, try as much as you can, not to be at its mercy. It’s hard to encounter automobile problems when on the road.

There are only two options for an automobile owner to choose from when it comes to finding out what’s wrong with your car’s transmission. It’s either you can call a certified technician to inspect your car, or you figure out that something is wrong before your car even starts to show the signs.

Here are the top three faulty warning signs for a transmission on the fritz:

Gear Shifting Issues

If you are having some trouble while trying to maneuver the gears of your car, such as you hear weird noises while trying to shift your gears, or if it slides or if it shifts slowly; It does not take a genius to tell that something is wrong with your ride. Having this kind of issue affects your driving and could lead you to danger. Your car could slow down or go crazy on the road. It could result in your vehicle’s delayed movement.

As soon as you can tell that something is wrong with your gear, immediately head to the nearest auto mechanic shop. This way, your car can be checked and repaired before it’s too late.

Unpleasant Burning Smell

Uh-oh! Your car’s transmission engine could be overheating. This is not the time to wait for a very unpleasant car breakdown. If you are on the road and have experienced this, pull your car to the side of the road immediately. Do not wait for your car engine to go up in smoke. You can immediately call 911 or a tow company to help you out. These things are available so you can get to the nearest auto mechanic shop and have your vehicle checked and fixed.

Oil drips

If you see a red liquid or an oil like liquid on the spot where you parked, it’s another sign your car is not well enough. Another reason for you to have it checked. Another way to tell is if you try and check your car engine as well. You also need to check the oil as well, if it’s still new looking, or it turned dark in color or needs replacement. Remember the safer your car, the safer your travel. Contact Twin Transmission today for all of your transmission needs.

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The Pros and Cons of Repairing Your Transmission

The Pros and Cons of Repairing Your Transmission

Once in a while as a car owner, you will need to have some things fixed on your car, such as a transmission repair. This article is about the pros and cons of a transmission repair. It was decided to be a writer all just because there are car owners who do not know the difference between one from the other. Not all drivers are mechanics, and so it’s important that even if you can’t fix your car to save your life, at least you would know the difference between the two.

Transmission Repair or Overhaul

When your car transmission requires an overhaul, you have the choice to either have it removed will repair and put back in, or you can replace your existing unit with another kind. One that has already been rebuilt as well, and hope that it will work.

Professional mechanics, however, will advise you that it is never wise to put in a used transmission into your car. The reason being is that used transmission might have histories that are questionable and will just create a whole lot of new headaches for you. Rumors circulate however in the automobile mechanic industry that new transmission they say is just secondary transmission that has already been re-manufactured.

If the repair cost is the main issue of the owner, it is understandable. However, the cost of transmission repairs also varies. You just have to find a good transmission specialist. Someone who will not charge you as much as they want your automobile to be in top condition once again. If you can be given an installment payment option, then it would be great! As much as possible, you can try to avoid transmission repairs at any given time if anything at all.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

As was mentioned earlier transmission repair is costly. But just to identify the pros and cons between the two here are some of it:


You can be able to replace your transmission with a new one.

Once successful, it’s like having a brand new car all over again.

Once successful, it’s worth it!


Complicated and highly technical.

Determining the cause why you have to do so is tricky.

Some parts are not accessible therefore presenting challenges for the mechanic and the owner.

Now that we have discussed a bit about the pros and cons, the decision whether to do a transmission replacement is in your hands. It is suggested that when it comes to your ride, it would be best that you determine first if your car really needs some overhauling. If the damage is minor, try to have some parts be taken care of first before deciding to have an overhaul. It’s a better alternative than having to alter the whole thing. Otherwise, you will just be dealing with a whole lot of other uglies that could get a lot worse than it was founded.

Unless needing a transmission is in between life and death, then go for it! Otherwise, just keep it simple.  Contact Twin Transmission today for more information.

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