Transmission Pan Replacement: The Average Cost

There is not a single engine component as complex and important as your car’s transmission. Even more importantly, the transmission oil pan is one component that the transmission cannot do without. Whether you ride on a manual or automatic transmission, transmission oil must always be in the right level. When the transmission oil pan is damages, a lot can go into bringing back to life. In fact, replacing it is considered one of the toughest yet most expensive transmission repair […]

Do Transmission Oil Pans Leak?

Transmission oil is extremely important for your car to run smoothly. The oil helps keep the engine cool in addition to lubricating all your car’s moving parts. Most of the transmission oil is normally stored in an oil pan and without it, maintaining appropriate engine oil levels is close to impossible. Just like other car components, a transmission oil pan can get damaged which results in an oil leak. A minor puncture or rust spot on your transmission oil pan […]

3 Tips for Knowing When You Need Transmission Repair

For some vehicle types, it happens sooner than for others but if you use your car for a long period of time, it will definitely need a transmission repair at one time. This means that your transmission needs to be serviced, replaced or rebuilt which all depends on the amount of time the car has been driven with transmission problems and the extent of damage caused. The fortunate bit is that your car will let you know when the transmission […]

Signs that Your Transmission Oil Pan is Flawed

Ensuring that the oil level in your car remains in the right levels should always be a top concern. There are a number of aspects that come into play in ensuring that your engine oil remains in its right level with the oil pan being the most crucial element. A transmission oil pan holds most of your vehicle’s engine oil at any instance. When the oil pan is damaged, the oil starts to leak. The longer the pan remains in […]

The Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Transmission

The Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Transmission The moment your car’s transmission fails, there is always the debate of whether to repair, replace or rebuild your transmission. If the damages on your transmission are minor, repairing is the best way to go. However, if the extent of damage is too much, replacing the transmission is the best option to consider. Replacing your transmission means, removing the existing transmission system from your car and fitting a new system. Although it […]

How to Tell If You Have a Transmission Leak

Owning a car is a great thing. Nevertheless, it comes with its own set of problems as well. Auto problems can range from something simple to a frustratingly complex problem that can occasionally baffle even some of the most experienced transmission mechanics. One of the most common transmission problems is a transmission fluid leak. There are many reasons why a transmission leak may occur but telling whether you have one can be daunting. The most common transmission leak can be […]

Replace or Repair? Which is the Best Choice for Your Transmission?

If your transmission starts to fail or give you headaches, you will need to visit a transmission specialist as quickly as possible. However, for the majority, determining whether to replace or repair a transmission is much harder than finding a transmission specialist. Determining the best choice for your transmission should not be a difficult task because it’s in your car’s best interest. In order to determine the best choice for your transmission, it is important to do a bit of […]

Top Signs that it’s Time to Have Your Transmission Inspected

Many people often drive their vehicles for too long and forget the need for a transmission inspection. For first time car owners, telling whether their transmission needs to be inspected can be difficult because they are not conversant with the signs that indicate the need for a transmission inspection. Are you wondering how to determine whether or not your vehicle needs a transmission inspection? The following are some top signs that will alert you of the need for a transmission […]