Rebuilt Transmissions and Transmission Repair Blog

Everyone who owns a car knows that the transmission is one of the most important parts of the car. If your transmission stops functioning, then your car stops moving for good. One of the main causes of transmission problems is a transmission that is slipping. If you aren’t sure what the signs of a slipping transmission are, read on below to find out. Your Fluids May is Low The most common cause of a slipping transmission is usually low fluids. […]

How Does Cold Weather Affect My Car’s Radiator? | Charlotte NC

The cold weather puts your car under a lot of stress. Firstly, the snow puts excessive strain on the tires. Since the tires struggle to make it through the snow, the suspension also goes through a lot of stress.Similarly, the car’s engine also bears a lot of pressure in severely cold temperatures. However, the most damage is caused to the cooling system of a car. If the cooling system hasn’t been maintained properly, it can cause a lot of problems […]