3 Tips for Knowing When You Need Transmission Repair

For some vehicle types, it happens sooner than for others but if you use your car for a long period of time, it will definitely need a transmission repair at one time. This means that your transmission needs to be serviced, replaced or rebuilt which all depends on the amount of time the car has been driven with transmission problems and the extent of damage caused.

The fortunate bit is that your car will let you know when the transmission starts to fail and the sooner you take it to a transmission specialist, the higher the chances of you avoiding the expense of undertaking a complete transmission rebuilt. The rule of thumb is to not overlook the signs when they occur. Here are tips for knowing when you need transmission repair.

Problems With Shifting Gears

Gear are an integral part of a vehicle’s transmission system and any irregularities with shifting gears is a surefire sign that your transmission is in trouble. Some of the problems may include jerking when shifting gears, falling out of gear while you are driving or some kind of hesitation when putting the car into gear.

Whines and Unusual Noises

More often than not, transmission troubles are normally indicated by the production of some unusual noises like buzzing or whining. Besides, if your vehicle sounds excessively noisy when in neutral gear, you should have it checked.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you notice some fluid on your driver, whether cloudy or clear, the chances are that your transmission has a leak and you should take it to an auto repair shop. In most cases, a leak does not mean that your transmission is not working well, but if you allow the leaking to continue, it can be of great damage to your vehicle. Contact Twin Transmission today for more help.

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