5 Transmission Problems You Can’t Ignore

As much as you are enjoying your riding your car around town, but what would it be like if your transmission is going to fail.  You should not nor cannot

Here are the top 5 Transmission problems you can’t ignore:

  1. Slipping Transmission

If your gear works well, but all of a sudden changes for no apparent reason. That is dangerous, so better get it checked, and diagnosed. Also, make sure when you’re pressing the gas that it works. It simply means that there is not enough energy that is being transmitted by the ignition part. If your car does not go into gear, could be a sign of a clutch plate problem.

  1. Car shakes when you try to change gears.

For this situation, do not think twice. You have to run to the nearest transmission office in your area and have it diagnosed properly so that and early. Only a repairman or mechanic can help with this problem, and all you can do is pray. While the issue isn’t big enough to be worried about.

  1. You are experiencing a rough shift in your gears.

If you have a not so very smooth gear shift. And if your car is being hard headed not wanting you to change gears promotes some kind of problem that just could not be ignored. Accidents while driving could happen to anyone anytime, always try to stay safe by taking a well working vehicle on your trips.

  1. Engagement delays

This is noticeable. You will notice this by observing the before the car actually engages, it already starts moving forward. And when you reverse the car there is a long pause that even when you press on the gas, the car is delayed in its movement.

  1. Oil or fluid leak.

This leak is never to be ignored. Transmissions are usually sealed and should not be leaking fluid. If you noticed some leaky spots in your driveway, do give it a check my laying down under your car to determine if the leak is an active one. Do not refill your transmission fluid unless you are sure of what you are doing. Better yet go to the nearest service shop.

Warning Light

Another one that is not noticeable at the first glance is the warning light. This could be referred to as the “check engine light.” it does not necessarily mean that you are having a problem with your transmission if you see this blinking but if it keeps occurring more often than it should. Then that’s the time you can say you are having a problem with your car.

Transmission shops have diagnostic equipment made for checking the warning light that generated the error code of the vehicle.

Transmission repair cost:

If all of the above happened or is happening to your car, do not hesitate to ask for help. Charges for transmission repair cost starts from $150, and it could go as high as $2,500, depending on the seriousness of the case in your transmission damage. More importantly that we try to avoid accidents on the road just because of little things that we ignore Happy driving around! Contact the professionals at Twin Charlotte Transmission for more information.

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