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OK, so your Transmission is not working. Your gears are slipping, not shifting at all, you lost the ability to drive forward or maybe your car isn’t moving at all! Now what do you do? In most transmission cases, your transmission can be repaired, or even replaced with a used transmission. But how do you know which to choose?

Charlotte’s best transmission shop – Twin Automotive&Transmission Repair – can help you solve your transmission problem. Known as the Transmission King of Charlotte, Twin Automotive has dealt with hundreds of broken transmissions throughout North Carolina, providing the solution to get customer’s moving again.

A Transmission can fail due to a number of reasons and it is never an appealing position to be in. A transmission in need of repair cannot be ignored. Sometimes if the problem is so severe, or even if it has reached a certain number of miles on the transmission, the vehicle is ready for a transmission rebuild.

But what is the difference between a rebuilt transmission vs used transmission?
Can a used transmission really save money?
These are questions we hear from Charlotte NC car owners almost every day of the week.

To make this question easier to answer, here are the facts (and differences)
between a Rebuilt Transmission vs Used Transmisison:

Used Transmission
*a Used Transmission is a transmission that has been in a car for a certain number of miles, but is currently not in a vehicle — commonly sold online and found in a junk yard
* Used transmissions come “as is” and may have weak internal parts which may lead to another transmission problem down the road.
* Used transmissions usually carry 30 day warrantys, 1 year warranty, or no warranty at all
* Used transmissions may typically be cheaper, but they also carry a sometimes unknown number of miles on them — meaning after a used transmission is installed, it is more likely to fail sooner, leaving you out of your money and back where you started

Rebuilt Transmission
* Rebuilt Transmission means that the transmission has new internal parts replaced, but still remains in the old transmission case. If the transmission case is broken, this is fixed or potentially, replaced.
* Soft parts such as gaskets, seals, filters, valves and clutch components are replaced in a rebuild when necessary
* Rebuilt transmissions are tested and carry a longer warranty than any used transmission – Twin Automotive, Charlotte’s Transmission King, offers the longest transmission rebuild warranty in Charlotte – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles. (Used Transmissions usualy carry a 30 Day Warranty)
*All parts are inspected in a Transmission Rebuild to ensure weak internal parts are replaced. This allows your transmission to live much longer than a used transmission would.


So yes, a used transmission may cost less than a rebuild in the beginning, but once that used transmission reaches its life’s limit, you will be back at square one, potentially repaying the money you already spent plus more. Used Transmissions may not fix your transmission problem, especially if your used transmission already has weak internal parts that are worn.

Rebuilt Transmissions, such as being offered by Twin Automotive, come with a long, 3 Year / Unlimited Mile Warranty. With a rebuilt transmission, you can rest safe at mind that your transmission problem has been fixed, instead of taking a chance with a used transmission that may have pending internal damage. In almost every case, purchasing a used transmission that has unknown flaws or damages may have saved you a few hundred dollars at the beginning, only to spend twice to three times as much later when you still need to have the transmission rebuilt.

Are you in need of a Transmission Repair or Rebuild?
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Every Transmission Rebuild comes with Charlotte’s best Transmission Rebuild Warranty! 3 Years / Unlimited Miles!

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