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What are the most common problems with the Acura MDX Transmission?

There are three common problems with the Acura MDX Transmission, including 1) Slipping Torque Converter, 2) Sensor Issues, and 3) Internal Clutch problems.

The slipping torque converter is the most common source of transmission problems for the Acura MDX. The slippage may begin as what looks like an unstable engine RPM under crise, but ultimately results in a drastic reduction of power transfer to the transmission, causing the vehicle to stop entirely.

Sensor Issues are common with the MDX as well as other models. The most common sensor to fail is the transmission temperature sensor and the transmission fluid sensor.

The Acura MDX internal clutches are almost equally prone to failure as the the Acura MDX torque converter. This problem occurs sometimes when there are inaccurate sensor information, causing debris to collect in the transmission when the torque converter fails.

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