Check Engine Light: Transmission Issues?

Great, the dreaded check engine light started flashing in your car again. Not matter how much you look at the engine, fill all the fluids, and make sure it’s working properly, you just can’t seem to make that thing turn off. Well, did you know that just because it says “Check Engine” doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the engine itself? There is a long, long list of issues that can make that light go off. One of them is the transmission.

Diagnostic Scanner

There is only one true way to know why the check engine light is on, that is to go to a repair center and have them run a diagnostic scanner. These scanners show codes and each code represent a different issue your car has. A repair tech can tell you what each code means. This is the best way to know what your issues.

Transmission Issues

If you don’t want to flat out take your car to the technician to run the scanner, there are a few signs you can look for that can let you know if your transmission is acting up. Grinding noise, this is an indication that something is off in your transmission. Either you have no fluid, or something has broken inside. You can check the fluid with the dipstick. However, if it shows full, get to a repairman ASAP. Another main transmission issue is slow or no response, when you shift gears, it should engage instantly, and lack of response can mean big transmission issues. Replacing a transmission is not only costly, but it also puts you without a vehicle for quite some time. Have it looked at before it comes to whole replacement.

Twin Transmission not only offers free transmission diagnostics, but they also have the scanner for your engine light. Stop by today to figure out the issue causing that pesky light.


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