What Are Some of the Most Common Transmission Issues?

A transmission is one of the most complex parts of your car. Therefore, only a trained specialist should handle them. Twin Transmission in Charlotte offers over 30 years’ experience and offers rebuilds at discount prices. However, before you know if you need a rebuild, you must first know some of the most common issues concerning your transmission.

Dirty or Low Fluid

Believe it or not, but a majority of issues can be fixed by transmission fluid. Without proper fluid levels, your transmission can act up severally. Therefore, first things first, you should start by checking your fluid. Your transmission fluid should be reddish in color and sweet smelling, if it is low, add more, if it is burnt smelling or off colored, bring it to a specialist.

Your transmission is unlike other aspects of your vehicle when it comes to transmission fluid. It recycles the same fluid over and over, instead of burning it up. So, if your levels are low, you should check for any signs of leaking.

Acting Up

Your transmission should be smooth running. If you are having issues, seek out a specialist today. Some famous transmission issues that require attention include:


  • Delays when shifting from park to drive, or delays when going down the highway and shifting beyond first gear.
  • Any signs of slipping, grinding, or even jumping when at higher RPM’S. These three require immediate attention as they can cause more damage beyond the transmission.
  • If you have a manual transmission and it is extremely hard to put into gear.
  • Clutch has a burning smell or won’t engage when pressed to the floor.


These are just a few of the most common transmission issues. If you find you have any of the issues above or any other issues you feel your transmission may be having, visit Twin Transmission. They offer a free consultation and estimate, also free towing if needed. Contact them today to get back in top working condition.

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