Do Transmission Oil Pans Leak?

Transmission oil is extremely important for your car to run smoothly. The oil helps keep the engine cool in addition to lubricating all your car’s moving parts. Most of the transmission oil is normally stored in an oil pan and without it, maintaining appropriate engine oil levels is close to impossible. Just like other car components, a transmission oil pan can get damaged which results in an oil leak. A minor puncture or rust spot on your transmission oil pan can have devastating effects on the running of your vehicle.

A transmission oil pan isn’t invincible and is still vulnerable to wear and tear. As you drive on the road, the transmission oil pan is susceptible to obstacles and loose rocks that can hit and damage the oil pan. If there is a big puncture on the pan, you will detect a leak immediately due to the large amounts of oil lost. However, if the puncture is small, it can take months for you to spot any signs of an oil leak.

A transmission oil pan can also leak if the sealants are no longer effective. Due to continued exposure to high temperatures, seals on the oil pan can crack and get worn out over time and it can be very difficult to identify the defective seal.

There are many ways through which a leaking oil pan can be fixed. To begin with, one can tighten or replace the pan bolts which is probably one of the easiest things to do. More often than not, oil leaks are usually as a result of loose bolts so tightening them can be a solution to your transmission troubles. Alternatively, you can have the transmission oil pan replaced because some of the leak points on the pan can be hard to trace. Contact Twin Transmission today for more information.

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