How to Tell if Your Transmission is Failing

Your vehicle is prone to have an issue or break down completely. However, it can be hard to tell exactly where the issue is coming from. Whether it is the motor, transmission, or something completely different. Only a trained eye can really tell you exactly what the issue is and steps needed to fix it. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you figure out where exactly the issue is coming from. First, we are going to tell you about common transmission issues.


Your vehicle’s motor isn’t the only part that can overheat; the transmission can occur as well. One way to tell if your transmission is overheating is a burning smell. Since transmission fluid is really sweet smelling it is easy to tell if it has a burnt smell because it is very distinguished. The main reasons for your transmission to overheat is low fluid levels or even using the wrong type of fluid. The transmission is like all the other parts of your car; they have to be lubricated correctly to run right.

Slipping Gears

This is ones of the most dangerous issues your transmission can have. Imagine driving down the highway, and your transmission slips out of gear, and you lose power. You will be stuck in the middle of highway traffic; this is completely unsafe. Therefore, if your transmission is slipping get it to a repairman as soon as possible. Your transmission is designed to stay in gear, therefore if the transmission is slipping into another gear or popping into neutral, there is a possibility that you could break a gear which can be rather costly.

The transmission is not something you should try to fix alone. Contact Twin Transmission today to get your transmission looked out before it gets further damaged. Just a phone call could save you thousands and even your life.


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