Is a Rebuilt Transmission a Good Alternative?

Transmission rebuilds are extremely popular as they save money for the car owner. The reason being, that the car owner saves money and gets a good transmission. The car owner who opts to have a transmission rebuild will still have old transmission parts that will have some previous wear on them functioning alongside the new or used parts which replaced the damaged parts.

That means that transmission rebuilds basically restore your existing transmission that is experiencing a problem back to a fully functional transmission without the replacement of all the parts. But you don’t know if it’s a junkyard transmission and how many times the parts were rebuilt.

Rebuilt transmissions do have benefits because they are usually ready a lot quicker, sometimes within a few days, compared to the new transmission which has to be ordered and shipped, in addition to being installed by a mechanic.

New vehicles are so computer controlled that they actually form a network. This network learns the habits of the other parts in the network over time. That means each transmission learns how to operate the car it is in. So, when you take part of this out of the car and replace it with a different piece, it sometimes can be a difficult process for the new transmission to work as well together with other parts of the vehicle as the previous one.

This is another reason why rebuilding your existing transmission might not only be the more cost-effective but a more trouble free option as well.

The choice is yours, of course, but you could check out the shop at Twin Transmission for more help on the subject.

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