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Everyone who owns a car knows that the transmission is one of the most important parts of the car. If your transmission stops functioning, then your car stops moving for good. One of the main causes of transmission problems is a transmission that is slipping. If you aren’t sure what the signs of a slipping transmission are, read on below to find out.

Your Fluids May is Low

The most common cause of a slipping transmission is usually low fluids. These low levels can create a number of problems, from overheating to not being able to engage the gears of the car. The best way to see if low fluid levels could be your problem is by checking the fluids. If you aren’t sure how to check your fluids, then take the car by Twin Transmission today so that they can help you.

A Fluid Leak

If your transmission is slipping and you constantly have to add fluids, you may have a transmission fluid leak somewhere. Your best call of action is to take the car to the shop and let them find the leak for you. Just steadily continuing to add fluids will not solve the problem and soon you will have a car that isn’t running at all on your hands.

Transmission Bands are Worn or Broken

Transmission bands are not designed to last forever. Once they become worn or broken, your transmission will start slipping, and you will have to have the bands replaced. This is something you want to have done by the professionals, not try to do yourself.

These are just a few of the reasons that your transmission could be slipping. If you think it is, then it’s best to take it in and have the car inspected by the professionals at Twin Transmission today.

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