The Pros and Cons of a Transmission Rebuild

If your transmission breaks down, you’re confronted with three choices. You can either choose to repair it, replace it or rebuild it entirely. As far as repairing is concerned, that’s not a very good idea because you might end up spending a lot of dollars in the long run when additional repairs come into the equation.

It’s much better to rebuild your transmission since it’s much more of a cost-effective solution for you. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages associated with a transmission rebuild.

First of all, you’ll save a lot of time. Running back and forth to the shop won’t be the kind of thing if you go for a transmission rebuild. Now even though, you will be without your car for some time which is a hassle, at least you won’t be waiting as long as when you’d have opted for getting your car’s transmission replaced instead. A new transmission rebuild can take a couple of days for an average transmission mechanic, while transmission replacement can take up to a week at least.

Secondly, transmission rebuild will save a lot of dollars for you. It’s much less expensive than its counterpart. In general, rebuilding the transmission costs about the half you’d have to pay if you chose for a transmission replacement.

There are some disadvantages to transmission rebuild as well. One is that transmission rebuild does not restore your transmission to a new level. Obviously, it’s a rebuild, so it has some internal parts that are depreciated and will have to be changed sooner or later. Once these internal parts wear out, you’ll have to head back to the transmission shop once again. Even though transmission rebuild is a cost-effective solution, but it does not always work and certainly depends on the specific situation of the user. Contact Twin Charlotte for your rebuild today.

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