Tips for Driving Your Manual Transmission Smoothly

Driving your manual transmission may require a bit of time and training because it’s something you can’t easily adapt to. However, it’s not impossible, and if you’re pretty slick driving skills, it may not take a lot of your time. Driving a manual transmission smoothly is much more difficult for larger vehicles since they have bigger engines and more inflexible transmission.

Here are some tips that may help you drive your manual transmission more smoothly:

1) First of all, make sure that your handbrake is down. You can do this by pressing the lever and pushing it all the way down. Then you have to depress your car’s clutch fully and then depress the brakes if you sense there’s a slight movement in the car’s rolling when the clutch is completely pressed over.

2) To ensure that your manual transmission is fit to use, try sticking the gear in neutral that is to say between the first and second gears. In this position, your gear should be able to move from left to right along the way freely. If the movement is not smooth enough, you might need to change your gear oil and may have to pay a visit to the mechanic who’ll help in identifying all the problems with your manual transmission

3) The final step is to hit the ignition and shift your car into first gear while holding onto the clutch. The next step is to release the clutch slowly until your vehicle starts moving forward. It’s pertinent to note that there’s a point where you’ve released the clutch enough so that the car starts moving, but this position varies with every car, and it may take some time to get used to before you find out as to how much should you release the clutch if you want your car to move. Once you get the hang of the adaptive relationship between the clutch and the gear, you’re good to go driving your manual transmission smoothly. For more information, contact Twin Charlotte today.

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