Tips to Expand the Life of Your Tranmission

You tell me what’s better? A transmission that runs only up to 60,000 miles but saves you some dollars initially, or installing a transmission that runs more than 120,000 miles given that you took care of it properly? If you’re a smart person, you will choose the latter because even though it costs a bit more, but in compensation, it offers less hassle and improved overall performance of your car. That being said, most people only care about saving money even after knowing it may not be the best decision they made in the long term.

Here are some tips that will help you expand the life of your transmission:

1) Make sure you’re checking the level of transmission fluid in your car. Do this on a regular basis and make this a habit. It’s much like you going for a diagnosis with your personal consultant every month. Your car has needs too, and it expects you to cater to them. Transmission problems typically arise due to dirt, low fluid levels, and heat.

2) It is also important that you take into consideration the use of synthetic transmission fluid. Synthetic fluids are better adapted to your car’s performance and offer more resistance to heat, shearing, and oxidation, things that would easily hamper the life your car.

3) Also, make sure your transmission is diagnosed after every 30,000 miles your car has run. This is a time of two years or so on average. The old fluid and filter are replaced, and the cost isn’t that much.

4) It is ideal to have an external filter installed to the cooler lines. This can help your transmission system trap more contaminants that make your transmission fluid dirty, snatching away your car’s life.

5) Transmission problems typically arise due to dirt, low fluid levels, and heat. For heat, it’s best for you to maintain your car’s cooling system every two years. Make sure you replace the anti-freeze and keep a close check on the coolant levels of your car. Contact Twin Charlotte for more information.

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