Top 3 Things Your Transmission Specialist Wishes You Knew

Meeting with a transmission specialist for your car is a good idea especially if you have not much of an idea how to fix it. However, there are just some things that a good transmission specialist would want you to know but might not even bother to tell you. Here are five of the things that the transmission specialist wish you knew:

  1. Listen to your car.

Transmission specialist is not as happy when you come to them with your own carelessness. If you do care for your automobile, the first unusual signs of your transmission should already be given your immediate attention. Signs like strange noise when changing gears, or if you’re finding a dark fluid under your driveway decide to have your car checked right away. Make sure that your transmission fluid is just right about the right volume, not too low and dirty otherwise; burned fuel will destroy your car that easy.

Your car’s transmission should not be allowed to overheat. About 90% of cars breaking down is due to excessive heat in the transmission. For the record, remember that every 20 degrees of increase in the fluid temperature of your car could destroy the transmission of it by 50%. Just like us, human beings, if increasing our temperature by 2 degrees could mean we are sick with fever, how much more our automobiles. We ought to listen to our cars body if we want to preserve its lifespan.

  1. Ask Us

Ask questions about what they found out about your car. Ask them their recommendation regarding your car, ask them a question regarding their shop. You can also ask them how long they’ve been in business, what warranties do they offer and about their licenses and the kind of equipment they use. When you look around, try and see if the garage they are working on is a clean one. If you find oil spills and dirty rags, get ready to start your engine and get a different transmission guy to do the job at another shop.

Don’t be afraid of how much it would cost you to have us fix your car. Legit transmission specialist shops would display certificates coming from the ASE 9National Institute for Automotive Excellence. If you see them, displaying their Certification from the American Automobile Association, or displaying our permit at our shop it simply means we are the one you’re looking for. Certified shops would try to do their utmost in preserving their business and their brand.

  1. Be careful of a transmission specialist’s scare tactics.


There are those guys who do their job well in fixing your car’s transmission, but there are also those who are just trying to rip you off with your money. Especially those that would dare tell you, “I wouldn’t drive this another mile,” when you knew your car only had a minimal defect.

There you have it, things your transmission specialist wishes you knew. For more help with your transmission needs, contact Twin Transmission today.

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