Top 5 Signs You Need a Transmission Replacement Instead of a Repair

If you have experienced the following on your car: Burning smell of transmission fluid, delay in shifting your gears, reluctant to shift to higher gears, transmission slips and finding fine metallic particles found at the oil pan bottom.  Yes, there could be a problem, but it isn’t enough to get you a recommendation for transmission replacement.

What you will need to do is to be able to have your car properly diagnosed first. After the diagnosis, that is the time when you can determine if some of the defects in your vehicle do need replacement of just a repair.

The recommendation:

Something that is being overlooked by most owners is to tune their engines first. So in order to give you a review and idea, the throttle position is the one that regulates the vacuum to the modulator. What it does is it stands to motivate the engine. It must produce the correct power for the throttle position that you chose. Its power curve should also be smooth. A weak acceleration of your diesel and power needs some fixing. Check the fuel injectors; they play a key role with that you are doing. If the tuning, the fuel injector, check to see if your engines worked already, they do then you know the drill.

Keep it simple. First things first, make sure you have your vacuum set in place. This vacuum is used by diesel automatics to help modulate it and control shifting. If it is, look for those loose vacuum by meticulously checking the vacuum and its connections inside your engine compartment. Check all the rubber hoses, their connection, and their tightness. Refer to your user’s manual to get your vacuum have a correct house routing.

Check for leaks in the vacuum. Check how it works. Check the 3/2 switchover valve; they should be able to control the EGR functions.  Thoroughly check if it does need some repair as it usually does. Check for damage and leaks, if it’s just worn off with leaking seals, and the input shaft and loose connections. If they do, they will need a re-building. Note that 1980 – 1984 diesel models have a small vacuum that stitches valves located at the valve cover.

Set a modulation pressure, but before you do that, try it yourself first to replace the vacuum, the modulator, and its transmission. Only engines with proper modulation pressure have an important and critical role to have a working vehicle.

If all else fails.

After taking care of all of the above, that will be the time for you to fine-tune the transmission that has a shift pattern for optimum performance. You might think that tuning your transmission to have a Peak Shifting Performance result. Tuning your engine is more of an art than science, but if you fell that you can’t do all these, and you are ok to use just one method of getting your engine fixed, it’s totally fine as long as you can keep your engine running again. Otherwise, if you’re confused even by reading this article, get somebody else professional who can help. Contact Twin Charlotte Transmission for more help today.

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