Top Signs that it’s Time to Have Your Transmission Inspected

Many people often drive their vehicles for too long and forget the need for a transmission inspection. For first time car owners, telling whether their transmission needs to be inspected can be difficult because they are not conversant with the signs that indicate the need for a transmission inspection. Are you wondering how to determine whether or not your vehicle needs a transmission inspection? The following are some top signs that will alert you of the need for a transmission inspection.

Problems While Shifting

Whether you ride on an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, you may start to experience some uneven or rough shifting of gears. In this case, your vehicle may jolt, slip or jerk when shifting gears. If this occurs a couple of times when you are on the ride, you definitely need to have your transmission inspected. Besides, slipping is a behavior which indicates that your car’s transmission system could be starting to experience serious issues. Visit a transmission specialist to have your vehicle inspected and transmission problems sorted.

Strange Sounds

It’s obvious that your car will make a few noised when you are driving. However, when you start to hear odd noises particularly when your transmission shifts, the chances are that you have a huge transmission problem looming. Sounds like grinding or grating could be an indication of a major transmission trouble. In the event of such strange noises coming from your transmission, it is advisable to have your vehicle checked immediately.

An Unusual Smell

If there is a problem with your transmission, you may notice a hot, acrid smell as your transmission fluid starts to heat up. This is a situation that must be addressed in the shortest time possible so as to maximize the chances of keeping your transmission problem manageable. Get in touch with the professionals at Twin Transmission today for more information.

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