Top Signs Your Transmission May be Leaking

Proper levels of transmission fluid are required for your transmission to work correctly. When your transmission is leaking, it can cause several different issues, some of which can put you in harm’s way. Therefore, it is important to know whether or not your transmission is leaking and where from.

Spot Under your Vehicle

Keep in mind when you notice a wet spot under your vehicle there are several different fluids that keep it running smoothly. Therefore, you need to examine the fluid to see if it is transmission fluid or something else. Transmission fluid is reddish in color, oily to touch and smells sweet. It can also be a dark color with a burnt smell if it is bad.

You also need to determine the location of the leak. Transmissions leak behind the motor and the middle of the vehicle. If it looks like the leak is coming from elsewhere, it could be something totally different than the transmission

Signs While Driving

A smooth-running transmission is a healthy full transmission. So, if your transmission starts acting up at all, it is best to check the levels. However, there are some tell-tell signs you can look for. A delay in shifting while driving is one of the main signs as well as jerking while trying to shift from park to drive or reverse.

A grinding sound or stalling is also a sign of low transmission fluid. However, if you are experiencing signs such as these chances are your levels have been low for too long. If you don’t get your car to repairman as soon as possible your vehicle can ultimately break down and put you in a dangerous situation.

The transmission doesn’t require fluids to be changed like other parts of your car. However, if you find you are having trouble with your transmission, visit Twin Transmission, they can prevent further damage and costly repairs.

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