What to Look for in a Transmission Specialists

When it comes to getting, work done on your car it is very important to pay attention to who you hire. There are a lot of good transmission specialist out there. However, with the good comes the bad as well. Therefore, below you can find a few tips to look at. These tips will help you choose a trustworthy transmission repair specialist.


This should be the first and foremost thing to look for when considering a specialist. Your transmission is not something that should be left to someone who does not have the experience. With a number of issues a transmission can encounter, make sure you choose someone who has experience in not only transmissions overall, but with your model as well.

The Three R’s

Ratings, reviews, and references are next on the list of importance. No matter how much experience someone has it is also a great idea to look into their past jobs. This will give you an idea of how they treated their old clients, how long it took to get the job done, and their overall satisfaction. There are many sources you can look into when it comes to the three R’s. Such as social media pages and even referral sites. Use the internet at your disposal to see how a company truly acts.

Special Offers

With the amount of transmission specialist outs there, go with one that has you in mind. Most trustworthy companies will offer deals to make you want to go with their company. Find someone who offers free consultations and estimates. These two things should never cost you. This is how they win your business.

Twin Transmission offers both free estimates and consultations, in addition to that, they go over the top with free towing if you choose to use them. Contact them today for the best deals in Charlotte, NC.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Transmission Issues?

What Are Some of the Most Common Transmission Issues?

A transmission is one of the most complex parts of your car. Therefore, only a trained specialist should handle them. Twin Transmission in Charlotte offers over 30 years’ experience and offers rebuilds at discount prices. However, before you know if you need a rebuild, you must first know some of the most common issues concerning your transmission.

Dirty or Low Fluid

Believe it or not, but a majority of issues can be fixed by transmission fluid. Without proper fluid levels, your transmission can act up severally. Therefore, first things first, you should start by checking your fluid. Your transmission fluid should be reddish in color and sweet smelling, if it is low, add more, if it is burnt smelling or off colored, bring it to a specialist.

Your transmission is unlike other aspects of your vehicle when it comes to transmission fluid. It recycles the same fluid over and over, instead of burning it up. So, if your levels are low, you should check for any signs of leaking.

Acting Up

Your transmission should be smooth running. If you are having issues, seek out a specialist today. Some famous transmission issues that require attention include:


  • Delays when shifting from park to drive, or delays when going down the highway and shifting beyond first gear.
  • Any signs of slipping, grinding, or even jumping when at higher RPM’S. These three require immediate attention as they can cause more damage beyond the transmission.
  • If you have a manual transmission and it is extremely hard to put into gear.
  • Clutch has a burning smell or won’t engage when pressed to the floor.


These are just a few of the most common transmission issues. If you find you have any of the issues above or any other issues you feel your transmission may be having, visit Twin Transmission. They offer a free consultation and estimate, also free towing if needed. Contact them today to get back in top working condition.

2000 Chevy Silverado Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

2000 Chevy Silverado Transmission Repair Charlotte NCAbout the 2000 Chevy Silverado:
The Chevrolet Silverado (along with its GMC counterpart, the GMC Sierra), is the latest line of full-size pickup trucks from General Motors.The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks have been essentially the same for their entire history. The Silverado today is generally advertised as the “lower” version, while the Sierra has more luxury options. In the year 2000, a total of 642,119 Chevy Silverado’s were sold across the United States.

Here are the most common transmission problems with the 2000 Chevy Silverado:
2000 Chevy Silverado Transmission Problems
* Transmission loses reverse
* Shifting problem with 2nd and 3rd gear
* Difficulties shifting gears
* Rattling noise

Includes: 2000 Chevy Silverado LS 5.3, 2000 5.3 4×4, Silverado 1500 4.9L V8 and other models

2000 Chevy Silverado’s report the most transmission problems with trouble shifting gears, gears slipping or loss of gears. This is also a very common transmission problem symptom that may be cause for a transmission rebuild.

A transmission system is the mainstay of a car’s performance. It is the part which has to endure the maximum stress, thereby causing the highest levels of wear and tear.

2000 Chevy Silverado Transmission Rebuild
Rebuilding a transmission is a major technical overhaul of a vehicle’s transmission system. A transmission system is comprised of a series of interlinked mechanical components that wear down over a period. Transmission rebuilding involves replacing worn out parts only and not replacing the entire transmission system. Important steps of transmission rebuilding are removal and inspection of a car’s transmission followed by replacement or refurbishment of any damaged or worn out car part.

A transmission rebuild is a very convenient and popular option for those who want to minimize the money spent on replacing a vehicle’s worn-out or damaged transmission with new ones. It is also preferred by people who are following a stricter budget or have other things at priority.

Preventative transmission maintenance, such as transmission fluid flushes and filter change, can help prevent the need for a transmission rebuild. But as parts become worn and damaged, sometimes there is no other option. Transmission fluid flushes and filter changes are an important key to keeping your transmission working properly.

(For some more information on vehicle maintenance, download our free Vehicle Maintenance Guide here.)

What causes 2000 Chevy Silverado Transmission Problems:

Most of transmission problems in any vehicle start from overheating. Under heavy load, such as towing a heavy trailer, rocking the vehicle from the snow, having continuous stop and go traffic in hot weather, racing, etc. the transmission overheats. At higher temperatures the transmission fluid burns, losing its lubricating qualities and becomes oxidized leaving deposits all over inside the transmission. Exposed to the heat the rubber seals and gaskets inside the transmission become hardened causing leaks. The metal parts warp and lose their strength. All this, sooner or later, results in transmission failure.

However, overheating is not the only reason – sometimes transmission breaks down because of poor design or due to lack of maintenance.
Few other reasons: harsh driving, too low or too high transmission fluid level or wrong transmission fluid type.

If you experience any of the problems above with your 2000 Chevy Silverado transmission, or others such as leaks, noises, problems with shifting, etc. Don’t wait until the problem will become worse, or your truck will finally stop somewhere on a highway. Automatic transmission problems never disappear by themselves.

Twin Automotive & Transmission has been repairing Chevy Silverado transmissions and other makes and model transmissions for over 30 Years. We provide Charlotte’s longest transmission rebuild warranty with every transmission rebuild – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles.


What Are Some of the Most Common Transmission Issues?

What Causes Transmission Slipping?

What Causes Transmission Slipping?

Is Your Transmission Slipping? This is a common sign of a transmission problem. Automatic transmissions transmit power from the engine to the rear drive wheels by smoothly shifting through a variety of low- and high-level gears to provide a comfortable, non-jarring ride. Automatic transmissions have complex interior workings that must all function precisely so it can deliver smooth shifts and attain the best fuel economy for each gear speed. Although some warning symptoms of a slipping transmission can be easily solved, problems related to transmission failure will result in a complete transmission overhaul or rebuild.

Low Fluid Level

  1. To first thing to check on a slipping transmission is the fluid level. Check the dip stick when the engine has reached normal operating temperature, with the engine running. No fluid appearance on the dip stick end (marker) means the minimum fluid level has been reached or surpassed. This could indicate the transmission has lost too much fluid to keep the valves and pumps of the transmission filled so they operate properly. Filling to the prescribed mark on the dip stick can remedy this problem.

    Contaminated Fluid

  2. Check the dip stick to assess the condition of the transmission fluid. Good quality transmission fluid has a clean, red coloration to it that gives off no particular foul odors. Contaminated fluid can look like mud or have a frothy brown or yellow coloration to it. Old fluid that has not been changed can have similar coloration but feels gritty in the fingertips and gives off a burnt smell. Such fluid that has overheated or has lost its chemical viscosity can no longer lubricate and flow through the transmission properly. Contaminated fluid requires a complete flush–emptying the transmission, torque converter, and transmission coolant lines, and replacing the filter.

    Fluid Leaks

  3. Transmission fluid can leak from the torque converter, the transmission pan gasket, the cooling line connections, the input or output transmission bearing seals, or from the filler tube or sensor location. Transmission fluid can also leak at the bottom radiator or at the line fittings there. If the leak appears small, some additives can seal the leak. Rubber transmission seals can also be softened (rejuvenated) with the use of transmission additives. Find the correct additive product that complies with your transmission’s specifications.

    Mechanical Transmission Failure

  4. If the vehicle refuses to shift into any one gear, slips or fails to go into reverse, the problem might be an internal source. Delayed or erratic shifting can also point to an internal problem, including inoperative vacuum linkage controls, cracked vacuum lines, or faulty bands and clutches. Transmissions that have more than 100,000 miles on them can slip due to the bands and clutches that allow the gears to be engaged. Depending on driver abuse, transmission failure may occur with less mileage. Bands and clutches function somewhat like a gearbox pressure plate and clutch, and wear away similarly. In this case, a complete inspection of the transmission and possible rebuild must be performed to solve the problem.

Do you think you are in need of a transmission rebuild or transmission repair? Call us today at 704-821-3460. We have the most advanced transmission testing equipment in Charlotte and can test your vehicle for trouble codes and problems. All diagnostics are free.


2000 Chevy Silverado Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

Rebuilt Transmission Prices vs Used Transmission | Charlotte NC

Rebuilt Transmission Prices vs Used Transmission | Charlotte NC

OK, so your Transmission is not working. Your gears are slipping, not shifting at all, you lost the ability to drive forward or maybe your car isn’t moving at all! Now what do you do? In most transmission cases, your transmission can be repaired, or even replaced with a used transmission. But how do you know which to choose?

Charlotte’s best transmission shop – Twin Automotive&Transmission Repair – can help you solve your transmission problem. Known as the Transmission King of Charlotte, Twin Automotive has dealt with hundreds of broken transmissions throughout North Carolina, providing the solution to get customer’s moving again.

A Transmission can fail due to a number of reasons and it is never an appealing position to be in. A transmission in need of repair cannot be ignored. Sometimes if the problem is so severe, or even if it has reached a certain number of miles on the transmission, the vehicle is ready for a transmission rebuild.

But what is the difference between a rebuilt transmission vs used transmission?
Can a used transmission really save money?
These are questions we hear from Charlotte NC car owners almost every day of the week.

To make this question easier to answer, here are the facts (and differences)
between a Rebuilt Transmission vs Used Transmisison:

Used Transmission
*a Used Transmission is a transmission that has been in a car for a certain number of miles, but is currently not in a vehicle — commonly sold online and found in a junk yard
* Used transmissions come “as is” and may have weak internal parts which may lead to another transmission problem down the road.
* Used transmissions usually carry 30 day warrantys, 1 year warranty, or no warranty at all
* Used transmissions may typically be cheaper, but they also carry a sometimes unknown number of miles on them — meaning after a used transmission is installed, it is more likely to fail sooner, leaving you out of your money and back where you started

Rebuilt Transmission
* Rebuilt Transmission means that the transmission has new internal parts replaced, but still remains in the old transmission case. If the transmission case is broken, this is fixed or potentially, replaced.
* Soft parts such as gaskets, seals, filters, valves and clutch components are replaced in a rebuild when necessary
* Rebuilt transmissions are tested and carry a longer warranty than any used transmission – Twin Automotive, Charlotte’s Transmission King, offers the longest transmission rebuild warranty in Charlotte – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles. (Used Transmissions usualy carry a 30 Day Warranty)
*All parts are inspected in a Transmission Rebuild to ensure weak internal parts are replaced. This allows your transmission to live much longer than a used transmission would.


So yes, a used transmission may cost less than a rebuild in the beginning, but once that used transmission reaches its life’s limit, you will be back at square one, potentially repaying the money you already spent plus more. Used Transmissions may not fix your transmission problem, especially if your used transmission already has weak internal parts that are worn.

Rebuilt Transmissions, such as being offered by Twin Automotive, come with a long, 3 Year / Unlimited Mile Warranty. With a rebuilt transmission, you can rest safe at mind that your transmission problem has been fixed, instead of taking a chance with a used transmission that may have pending internal damage. In almost every case, purchasing a used transmission that has unknown flaws or damages may have saved you a few hundred dollars at the beginning, only to spend twice to three times as much later when you still need to have the transmission rebuilt.

Are you in need of a Transmission Repair or Rebuild?
Contact us today for a Free Estimate.
Every Transmission Rebuild comes with Charlotte’s best Transmission Rebuild Warranty! 3 Years / Unlimited Miles!

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What Causes Transmission Slipping?

Although the Ford Taurus is known as a very stylish, dependable vehicle, the 2005 Ford Taurus specifically is known to have the worse luck with transmissions. Many 2005 Ford Taurus owners find themselves stuck on the side of the road in need of a transmission repair.

Here are some of the first signs that signal your 2005 Ford Taurus is in need of a transmission repair or even a transmission rebuild:

* Transmission Gears are Slipping
* Gears are not shifting Properly
* Check Engine or Transmission Light is on
* Vehicle is leaking red transmission fluid

The worst sign that your 2005 Ford Taurus Transmission is in need of repair or an rebuild is when the transmission quits without any warning. When this happens, your vehicle’s RPMs may increase suddenly and you may lose all gears. Your 2005 Ford Taurus’s engine may rev like it is in neutral but the vehicle will not be able to move.

Routine maintenance on your vehicle, including the transmission will help extend the life of your transmission and avoid costly transmission repairs.

What happens when you have a 2005 Ford Taurus Transmission Repair
or need a Transmission Rebuild?

Call the Transmission King of Charlotte.
Get an additional $200 Off your Transmission Rebuild,
including free towing by mentioning this blog.

Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

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Transmission Rebuild near Charlotte NC

2005 honda odyssey transmission repair charlotte nc twin resized 600It’s a well known fact in the automotive industry that since 1999, Honda Odyssey vehicles have had problems with their transmissions. In 2006 the transmission problems were so bad that Honda had to settle a class action lawsuit and several recalls were announced.  However, even although Honda decided to replace the transmission in 2007 with one that was similar to a Ridgeline model, the transmissions still were failing or having problems. 

As experts in Transmission Repair and Transmission rebuild, we can tell you the top signs that your 2005 Honda Odyssey may need a transmission repair. At the first sign of a transmission problem, we recommend you bring your vehicle in for a diagnosis. Transmission problems only worsen with time. (Insider tip: Remember to bring your Honda Odyssey in for routine maintenance, including transmission fluid checks! Over 90% forget to replace or refill their transmission fluid, leading to costly repairs.) 


Here are some sure signs that your 2005 Honda Odyssey Transmission may need repair:

There is a strange chemical odor in your car while driving.  This is one of the first signs that something might be quite wrong with your transmission; a chemical smell that was never there before will permeate the interior of your car.  Once you’ve eliminated all other possible causes of the odor’s origin, chances are you have a problem with your transmission.

The transmission slips between second and third gear.  This is the most common sign that people notice before their transmission fails and stops moving the car completely.  If this happens while you’re driving, it’s time to call Twin Transmissions at 704-821-3460. Do not ignore signs of a transmission problem like slipping gears – it will only worsen until your vehicle stops moving entirely.

The Traction Control System light and Check Engine light are on after a gear slip.  Both of these lights indicate that there may be something wrong with the transmission. This is especially true if the TCS light goes on while driving.

We have been providing Charlotte NC car owners with quality transmission repair, transmission rebuild and transmission services for over 30 years. We are experts in transmission repair for al makes and models, including the Honda Odyssey Transmission.

Call us today for a Free Transmission Repair Estimate and Diagnosis of your Transmission Problem. Also, don’t forget to mention our special $200 OFF transmission rebuild repair coupon, free towing availability and ask about our warranty. (We carry the longest transmission rebuild warranty in NC – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles). 


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3 Top Transmission Problems with the Honda Odyssey

honda odyssey rebuilt transmission repair 1126 resized 600The Honda Odyssey was manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer, Honda. This vehicle is classed as a minivan and was originally introduced in 1994. The Odyssey is an economical family vehicle and offers a brilliant fuel average. However, the later models of this minivan were having issues with the durability of the transmission.

Twin Transmission Repair of Charlotte NC are experts in rebuilt transmissions and all types of transmission repair. As Charlotte NC’s top rated transmission repair shop, we can help you fix your transmission problem. The Honda Odyssey is one of our most common vehicles with transmission problems. Here are just some common problems with Honda Odyssey’s transmission:

An Inferior Quality Ball Bearing

The transmission issues started in the models that were launched between the years 1999 to 2001. The four-speed auto-transmission models were faced with the issue of a weak ball bearing in the assembly. This ball bearing would break and scatter within the transmission housing. The fragments of the broken bearing would clog the transmission fluid lines and cause slip shifts. Often the gears would not shift at all until the driver would not release the gas pedal. This is dangerous for people who traveled frequently on highways as the slips would normally occur at high speeds.

Third Gear Clutch-Pack Durability

In the models launched after 2002, Honda changed the four-speed transmission to five-speed. However, this did not help the transmission issues much. The bearing issue was fixed but the new transmission had a different issue. The third gear would wear out very quickly and leave small fragments of shaved metal in the housing. As a result those small pieces would again get stuck in the transmission fluid lines and result in gears not shifting. There was also a reported issue that when in fifth gear the car would suddenly down-shift to second.

Overheating Of the Second Gear

Some models of the Honda Odyssey had overheating problems with the second gear. This problem arose with the five-speed models. The second gear would overheat due to friction. As a result, the gear would lock in place and the car would not even drive anymore. Honda tried to make some modifications to rectify this issue and added an oil spray jet to provide extra lubrication to the second gear. However, this did not fix the problem.

Although the Honda Odyssey is a brilliant family vehicle, these problems with its transmission outweighs the many features the minivan had to offer. But don’t worry, if your Honda Odyssey’s transmission is failing, we can help.

For over 30 years, we have been repairing and rebuilding transmissions of all types, including the transmission inside the Honda Odyssey. We can complete a rebuilt transmission for you within 1 – 3 business days and also provide 0% financing if needed. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate — mention this blog for $200 OFF your rebuilt transmission repair. 


2005 Honda Odyssey Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

Rebuilding Kits for Your Transmission

Transmission Rebuild Kits

If your transmission is in need of some maintenance, then you’re most likely going to need a rebuild kit. Unless you’d like to reuse old pieces and clean them yourself, this is highly recommended. When your transmission is being disassembled, old, dirty, or broken pieces need to be replaced for optimum performance from your transmission. These are just precautionary measures taken to avoid any future complications with your transmission. The last thing you want, after taking your car to the shop for transmission issues, is to have to come back again. These kits will come with certain pieces that aid in that optimum performance. Different pieces come with different kits, so you need to be sure which kit you’re buying. The pieces that kits will come with, depending on the one you ordered, include: bands, seals, steels, clutches, gaskets, O-rings, modulators, filters, bushings, and washers. Again, purchase a specific kit, because purchasing a kit without the pieces you need is an annoyance you could have avoided.


So, now that you’re sure of which piece you need, it’s time to head online and look up kits and their respective companies. As awful as it may sound, cheaper isn’t always better. Purchasing from big brand companies is a safer bet than purchasing from a company offering a cheaper product. You always get what you pay for and if you want to avoid another trip to the mechanic, then you should definitely invest in a quality kit. On top of having high quality products, they also offer quality customer service. Well, higher quality than a company you haven’t heard of. There’s a reason why they are big name companies and that’s because they’ve proven time and time again that their products and services are amongst the best. Another added benefit from purchasing from these companies is your kit should come with a warranty. If it doesn’t, then you can usually find a kit from a different company that offers one with the kit, or it can come as a feature that you can purchase.


You should expect to pay $50 – $300 for your kit. If you have a higher end or luxury car, then your kit will cost more. I definitely don’t recommend doing the disassembly of your transmission on your own, but if you feel up to the task then you could potentially save a lot of money. Depending on if you’re going to the mechanic for a repair or a replacement, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 – $3500 for the job. That is quite a bit more expensive than buying the kit and doing it yourself. However, if you are a novice when it comes to automotive repair, then you definitely run a higher risk of causing more harm to your transmission. Doing so will leave you with no other choice than to completely replace your transmission. Make sure you are completely prepared and ready if you take on the project yourself. If not, then call your local mechanic and set up an appointment. You can’t beat experience.

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What Causes Slipping?

What Causes Slipping?

If you have been told that your transmission is slipping, you may be thinking, “What the heck does that mean!” A slipping transmission is not a good sign and it means that there is a problem with the vehicle itself. Now, you are probably wondering how to tell if the transmission itself is slipping. You will know when it happens as your vehicle will shift gears or it will not accelerate fast enough. In addition, you will feel the shift when you are driving as opposed to a smooth transition to a new gear.

If you do discover that the transmission is indeed slipping, you need to take it in to get fixed right away as allowing it to persist can lead to further complications. If you drive an automatic vehicle, you will find that a slipping transmission is more deadly for your vehicle than if you were driving a manual.

One thing to keep in mind is that when your transmission first starts to slip, getting it fixed can save the transmission and not lead to any more damage. However, if you do not get it repaired, the problem can become much worse and the transmission may fail altogether.

There are a number of things that can cause your transmission to act silly and begin slipping. One of the most common causes is due to low fluid in the vehicle. If you do not have enough transmission fluid in the vehicle, it can cause your gears to stick and have trouble maneuvering. This is often a quick fix with a fluid flush and adding more fluid to the vehicle.

Another reason you may experience slipping is due to worn down gaskets and seals. When this happens, the transmission fluid leaks and the vehicle is unable to get enough of it. A transmission leak can be caused by other reasons as well so if the vehicle is slipping because of a leak, you will need to determine where the leak is and then fix it.

If you have a manual transmission, you may notice slipping of the transmission when the clutch is bad or about to go out. The clutch helps you shift the transmission, but when it is not working properly, the transmission cannot do its job and shift itself. A simple replacement of the clutch should fix the problem for you.

If you are concerned about your transmission or you notice that it is slipping, you need to take it in to a repair shop to have it fixed. It is important you address the issue immediately instead of waiting.

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