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We handle all types of transmission repair in Charlotte NC. We have a large customer base inside of Charlotte and surrounding cities.

► A Reputation That Cannot Be Matched

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► Longest Warranty in Charlotte

We offer the LONGEST Transmission Rebuild warranty in Charlotte (1 – 3 Year / Unlimited Mile Warranties Available) and a Nationwide Coverage Warranty. Other transmission repair Charlotte shops may only warranty their work for 6 months to a year and within a certain mile radius of their shop.

► Experienced, Specialists in Transmission Repair

We have been repairing transmissions of all types for over 30 years.
We know the inside of your transmission — although all transmission problems are different, we have repaired or rebuilt the same transmission as yours before. Proper maintainence of your vehicle can prevent major repairs of your transmission, including a complete transmission overhaul or transmission rebuild.

Have a Transmission Problem or think you need a Transmission Repair?
Call Charlotte’s Transmission Repair Specialist for a Free Estimate: 704-821-3460
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Do You Need a Transmission Repair?

Common Transmission Problems include:

  • Is your overdrive light stuck on or flashing?
  • Is your transmission temperature light on or flashing?
  • Is your check engine light on?
  • Is your transmission not shifting properly?
  • Do you feel slips or irratic shifting?
  • Do you feel harsh engagements when shifting from park into gear?

If you answered yes to any of the above, there may be a problem with your transmission.

You may need a transmission repair, transmission rebuild, or something more simple such as a transmission service or band adjustment. Most Transmission Overhauls (complete transmission rebuild) can take up to 1 – 3 days for repair, while a simple transmission repair, such as a band adjustment could take up to 45 minutes. We specialize in all types of transmission repair and have all the tools, equipment, and staffing to meet your auto repair needs.

As the Charlotte area’s Transmission Repair and Transmission Rebuild specialist, we can help you with all your transmission needs.


  • Check your fluid levels.
  • Check Transmission fluids
  • Poor engine performance could be causing your problems
  • You could have a Torque Converter problem.
  • You could also have an electrical problem such as speed sensor or nuetral switch
  • Safety switch malfunction.

Over 1000+ Rebuilt Transmissions Completed Every Year

We have over 30 years of experience with transmission repair and transmission rebuild. Let us take you through a standard transmission rebuild repair and show you everything involving the process of completing a rebuilt transmission repair.

Our Best Coupon Yet…. $200 OFF your Transmission Rebuild!

  • Free diagnosis of your transmission problem
  • Charlotte’s longest Transmission Rebuild warranty ( 3 Years / UNLIMITED Miles / Nationwide Warranty )
  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Free Towing available (mileage restrictions may apply)
  • Most Transmission Rebuilds complete in 1 – 3 days

We have been repairing transmissions of all types for over 30 years. We specialize in all makes and models of transmissions. No matter the transmission problem, we can help get you back on the road again.

To speak with a Transmission Rebuild specialist directly,call 704-821-3460.

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We provide customers with most major repairs free towing.
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Towing is billed at the time of delivery to shop or credited to your account.

For Emergency or After-hour Towing, please contact:
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Towing is free within our local shop radius. Additional charges may apply if outside this radius.

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Transmission Repair, Transmission Rebuild and All Auto Repair Warranty

When you need your car repaired, you want the repair done right. And if there is ever a problem, you want to know that it will be taken care of, hassle-free. Here at Twin Charlotte, we offer the best automotive repair warranty in Charlotte. Our transmission rebuild warranty protects you for 1 – 3 Year / Unlimited Miles. Other automotive repair warrantys are up to a standard 2 Year / 24,000 Mile warranty.

How we differ from other auto repair / transmission repair shops

Other auto repair shops in Charlotte perform what we call a “bait and switch”. They will “bait” you to bring them your vehicle, promising a low repair price, then “switch” you into a higher pricing after they have your vehicle. You should never trust auto repair shops that want to take your vehicle apart first, before locking you into one price. This happens a lot with Transmission Repairs or Transmission Rebuilds. Other transmission repair shops will “bait” you to bring your car in without securing you into the exact price for your rebuild. After they remove the transmission from your vehicle, they will then “switch”/call you and tell you the repair will actually cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than initally quoted. Then, if you choose not to have the work done at their shop, they will charge you to put your vehicle back together.

Here at Twin charlotte, we will give you a price upfront, before we remove anything from your vehicle. We will discuss the repair with you in full detail. If ever an additional charge needs to be made, it will mostly be for the following reason: an additional problem, such as a broken or worn internal part is discovered while removing your transmission or while preforming the auto repair. While we agree that sometimes there are internal parts that may be broken or worn that cannot be seen at an initial visual diagnosis, we do not agree with any type of “upselling” or “Bait and switch”. We want to gain your business for life. Our professional service and staffing is why we have an outstanding customer base covering all areas of Charlotte, Indian Trail, Matthews, Monroe, Harrisburg, Concord and more.

We also offer Free Diagnostic services with any repair.

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