2005 honda odyssey transmission repair charlotte nc twin resized 600It’s a well known fact in the automotive industry that since 1999, Honda Odyssey vehicles have had problems with their transmissions. In 2006 the transmission problems were so bad that Honda had to settle a class action lawsuit and several recalls were announced.  However, even although Honda decided to replace the transmission in 2007 with one that was similar to a Ridgeline model, the transmissions still were failing or having problems. 

As experts in Transmission Repair and Transmission rebuild, we can tell you the top signs that your 2005 Honda Odyssey may need a transmission repair. At the first sign of a transmission problem, we recommend you bring your vehicle in for a diagnosis. Transmission problems only worsen with time. (Insider tip: Remember to bring your Honda Odyssey in for routine maintenance, including transmission fluid checks! Over 90% forget to replace or refill their transmission fluid, leading to costly repairs.) 


Here are some sure signs that your 2005 Honda Odyssey Transmission may need repair:

There is a strange chemical odor in your car while driving.  This is one of the first signs that something might be quite wrong with your transmission; a chemical smell that was never there before will permeate the interior of your car.  Once you’ve eliminated all other possible causes of the odor’s origin, chances are you have a problem with your transmission.

The transmission slips between second and third gear.  This is the most common sign that people notice before their transmission fails and stops moving the car completely.  If this happens while you’re driving, it’s time to call Twin Transmissions at 704-821-3460. Do not ignore signs of a transmission problem like slipping gears – it will only worsen until your vehicle stops moving entirely.

The Traction Control System light and Check Engine light are on after a gear slip.  Both of these lights indicate that there may be something wrong with the transmission. This is especially true if the TCS light goes on while driving.

We have been providing Charlotte NC car owners with quality transmission repair, transmission rebuild and transmission services for over 30 years. We are experts in transmission repair for al makes and models, including the Honda Odyssey Transmission.

Call us today for a Free Transmission Repair Estimate and Diagnosis of your Transmission Problem. Also, don’t forget to mention our special $200 OFF transmission rebuild repair coupon, free towing availability and ask about our warranty. (We carry the longest transmission rebuild warranty in NC – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles). 


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Honda Odyssey Transmission Repair Charlotte NC 052011Is your Honda not shifting properly? Or maybe it won’t move? Honda transmissions are well-built and focused on performance. From the race track to the suburbs, Honda has a transmission that is built to handle it all.

Sadly, Honda Transmissions are also one of the top vehicles for transmission problems, transmission repair and transmission failure. Twin Charlotte is Charlotte’s best transmission repair shop and specialize in all types of transmission rebuilds, including Honda Transmission Repair and Rebuild.
Common Vehicles Types – Honda Transmission Repair

1) Honda Odyssey – Although a great family vehicle, the Honda Odyssey is known for its transmission problems. Rough shifting, gears won’t shift and transmission leaks are some of the most common transmission problems found in the Honda Odyssey.

2) Honda Accord – Torque Converter problems, not shifting into gear and transmission hesitating are just some common transmission problems found in the Honda Accord.

3) Honda Civic – The 2001 Honda Civic comes in line right before the 2002 Ford Explorer (often referred to as the ‘exploder’), topping the list for one of the top vehicles for transmission repair. The Civic has many complaints regarding the transmission failing to engage, gears not shifting or rough shifting.
Honda Transmission Rebuild Charlotte NCTop Symptoms for Honda Transmission Repair / Rebuild

1) Torque Converter
It is important to fix transmission problems as soon as possible because allowing a problem to linger can cause permanent damage to your car. Most of the complaints regarding Honda transmission failure is related to the torque converter. This happens when the engine will rev up, but the car cannot move. This can cause the transmission to burn up, which requires total replacement

2) Gears Slipping
Be aware of your car slipping into neutral. Some Honda owners have also reported that the car’s transmission pops randomly into neutral, which causes grinding when traveling at high speeds. Seek maintenance and repairs as soon as possible. These problems can damage or even ruin your transmission, so if you are having transmission problems it is important to have your car serviced as soon as possible.

3) Transmission Fluid Leaks
Check for fluid leaks. If your Honda is leaking a deep red fluid, this is transmission fluid. It may be a main seal leaking or it could be leaking from the transmission housing. The only way to know what seal has failed is to get underneath the vehicle and check for the source of the leak.
Transmission problems will continue to worsen as they are neglected till eventually the car will stop, failing to shift into any gears and possibily endangering anyone who may be driving when the gears are lost. Some types of transmission repair are simplier than a complete transmission rebuild.

Known as the Transmission King of Charlotte, Twin Automotive is the largest rebuilt Transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC. We offer Charlotte’s Longest Transmission Rebuild Warranty. Our dedication to rebuilding transmissions with the highest quality, along with our outstanding customer service has led widespread recognition in the automotive repair industry.

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