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Dodge cars are some of the best cars that many boast about. Despite it being a reliable car model, there have been issues reported by the owners including those of transmission. Here are some of the 10 crazy but true things about the model.

Engine shutting off

Common problems that have been reported with Dodge Charge include the engine locking without giving a warning. The car happens to shut off every time that it is stopped. This can be quite risky especially when traffic is busy.

Power locks will not work

This is another problem that has been reported. This happens with the sliding door and car owners have to lock the doors manually. In most cases, this is as a result of corroded wires.

Oil sludge

Oil sludge has been reported on numerous occassions and this has led total engine failure. This is only solved when the engine is rebuilt or replaced with another one when the oil sludge is all over the engine.

Premature rotor and brake wear

The brakes and the rotors tend to wear out very quickly. This has been reported to bring about brake issues with many being forced to keep replacing them. Dodge owners have opted for brake pads and rotors from other dealers.

Gear shifter getting stuck

There has also been a problem with the car getting stuck in park and the gear shift will not disengage. Car owners have to access the pink button by removing covering so as to put it to drive.

Cracking of the dashboard

Cracking and collapsing of the dashboard has also been reported and the worst part is that some cars have been reported to develop safety issues due to this.

Problems with the head light doors

Car owners have reported to experience difficulties to activate the head light doors when they turn the head lights on and off. This means that the head light doors have to be operated manually.

Defects with a/c heater blower

Sometimes it gets too hot and you want that cold air to blow from within your car. This is something that some Dodge owners have not been able to enjoy as both the front and the rear air conditioner defrosters seem to be faulty. Some will blow only cold or hot air while others will not work at all.

Hard steering wheel

Every driver wants to have easy control of the steering wheel. Well, this has not been quite easy with some Dodge car owners as they have experienced problems with the steering wheel which could lead to accidents. Apart from this, there have been reports of vibration while driving which can be quite uncomfortable. Others have also reported to have the steering wheel going round and round while the tires are like locked.

Transmission failure

Transmission problems are one of the worst nightmares that Dodge car owners have experienced. Transmission problems can be caused by leaking of transmission fluids or overheating of the system. Although this can be repaired or rebuilt, it is an issue that has disappointed many.

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