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Although there are many transmission problems that signal for repair, the 1999 Honda Accord Transmission’s biggest transmission symptom is “Transmission Slipping”. Typically transmission gears will slip when the transmission fluid is low, some transmission seals may be bad, bands need to be adjusted or other diagnosis.

1999 honda accord transmission repair charlotte ncNot having enough transmission fluid can severely damage a transmission internally. Gears move smoothly inside your transmission via help from the transmission fluid. Always be sure to check your transmission fluid levels and have your transmission serviced to prevent major transmission repair. Clean transmission fluid is red in color. A brownish or dark transmission fluid easily signals there is a problem — your transmission fluid has outlived its useful life. The transmission fluid and filter should be changed immediately.

Depending on the severity of your 1999 Honda Accord Transmission Repair or problem, you may need to have the transmission rebuilt. Rebuilding the transmission involves removing the entire transmission unit from the vehicle and opening it up to remove all internal parts for inspection. The transmission fluid is completely drained and replaced with new transmission fluid. All parts are carefully inspected and worn parts are replaced with new parts. Rebuilding your 1999 Honda Accord Transmission will extend the overall life of your vehicle by returning the transmission to an almost-new condition.

Additional transmission problems with the 1999 Honda Accord Transmission:

* Shifts Roughly
* Jerks when coming to a stop
* Won’t go into gear

Are you in need of service or repair for your 1999 Honda Accord Transmission? Call the Honda Transmission Specialists of Charlotte – Twin Automotive and Transmission. We are located in Indian Trail NC but provide free towing, free estimates and provide transmission repair for all Charlotte NC areas. Call us at 704-821-3460 for more information.