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2000 honda odyssey transmission repair charlotte ncDoes it seem like your 2000 Honda Odyssey just isn’t shifting gears right anymore? If so, then you are not alone. Rough shifting or gears failing to shift is one of the most common problems with the 2000 Honda Odyssey transmission. But luckily, Twin Automotive, the Transmission King of Charlotte, can help guide you through your transmission repair. Here is some detailed information on transmission problems with the 2000 Honda Odyssey and what we can do to help get you on the road again.

2000 Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems

“Rough Shifting” is biggest transmission problem found with the 2000 Honda Odyssey. Trouble shifting gears can be your first indication that there is a problem with the Honda transmission. A Technical Service Bulletin (TSBs) indicated that the transmission in the 2000 Honda Odyssey is known to fail and eventually has issues with the gears. There was a recall established for the 2000 Odyssey Transmission which extended the warranty to 2007 or early 2008. Being the year 2011, if you own a 2000 Honda Odyssey with a transmission problem, please contact us for repair. If you do not feel your transmission problem is that severe, please consider the fact that problems with shifting only get worse with time. Sometimes it is possible to save hundreds, if not thousands, on a transmission rebuild with a simple transmission repair.

2000 Honda Odyssey Transmission Leak
TSBs also indicate that transmission axle seal leakage is a common problem with the Odyssey. A transmission leak spot (red or brown) is easily noticeable in a driveway or wherever your vehicle is parked. Noticing the leak before it worsens safeguards against complete transmission failure. Transmission fluid is a very important element that allows your vehicle to switch into gears. Without this fluid, gears will grind together or worse, giving you no option other than completely rebuilding the transmission and replacing the parts inside.

Specific Customer Complaints about the 2000 Honda Odyssey Transmission and Results for Repair:

Customer Testimony #1:
At around 75,000 miles, the engine light came on. I asked the Honda service dept about this, and was asked if I had recently filled up the gas tank. Because I did, I was told to wait and see if the light went off. It did, but of course came on before my next service. At this time I had the codes checked at Honda, and was told that nothing needed to be done at this time. At 82,000 miles, now the engine light is on as well as the TCS light. Short trips around town were never a problem, until a 7-hr road trip in the summer. When I accelerated, there would be a slight delay as the gear “slipped” and then a slow acceleration, more noticeable on hills. I was afraid to stop not knowing if I would be stranded somewhere. The problem with the shifting began to get worse and thats when I realised I really needed to get it checked out by a transmission repair shop, not just the dealer.

Had a diagnostic done by Twin Automotive and it turned out my vehicle was showing a P0740 code, indicating problems with the transmission. I then called Honda USA. Honda Rep says it is over the extended warranty time, which lasted till around 2008. I had a few other quotes done, but went with Twin Automotive because of the knowledge the team had on my type of vehicle. It turns out there have been a lot of issues with Honda Transmissions, the Odyssey more specifically. The rebuild turned out to not cost as much as I had expected, and a lot less than the dealer had quoted. I had my Odyssey back in 3 days.

Customer Testimony #2:
I was pulling out of my driveway with my younger children in my vehicle when I started to notice there was a hesitation with the gears. As I pulled out of the neighborhood, the speed slowly crept forward, but then I realised the gears were not shifting as they should at all. We had noticed a few gear shifting problems before but it just seemed to give up. My husband heard of Twin from some friends and called to take advantage of the free towing. The car was taken to Twin’s shop in Indian Trail and looked at. It turned out we did need a rebuild and that the transmission had also been low on fluid. After looking online, I found that a lot of other Honda Odysseys had transmission issues. I’m just glad that I wasn’t driving on the highway when the gears decided to stop working!

Do you have a 2000 Honda Odyssey with a Transmission problem? Reply here to ask one of our transmission technicians about your problem, or call us directly at 704-821-3460. Transmission Diagnostics can be provided free of charge, with repair. We can properly diagnose your transmission problem and schedule your vehicle for immediate repair, getting you back on the road in no time.

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