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Though safe and powerful, the Windstar suffers from the same Transmission problems as other vehicles, leading to the need for a transmission repair or complete transmission rebuild. Whichever the case for your 2003 Ford Windstar, Charlotte Transmission Specialists are here to solve your transmission problem and answer any of your transmission or auto repair questions.

2003 ford windstar transmission repair charlotteTop complaints for the 2003 Ford Windstar Transmission:

+ won’t shift into gear
+ shifting is erratic
+ car shutters when accelerating
+ torque converter failure
+ trans shutters when put into reverse
+ tries to accelerate when stopped

Torque Converter
Many of the problems we’ve seen with the 2003 Ford Windstar relate to the Torque Converter. What is a torque converter and what does it control?

If you’ve read about manual transmissions, you know that an engine is connected to a transmission by way of a clutch. Without this connection, a car would not be able to come to a complete stop without killing the engine. But cars with an aut­omatic transmission have no clutch that disconnects the transmission from the engine. Instead, they use an amazing device called a torque converter. It may not look like much, but there are some very interesting things going on inside.

torque converterA torque converter consists of three mechanical parts — a pump, a turbine, and a stator. The pump is attached to directly to the engine, and spins at the same speed as the motor. Inside the pump are many fins, which, as the pump spins, direct hydraulic fluid outward to the turbine. The turbine then spins at close to the same speed as the engine, but in the opposite direction. The spinning of the turbine causes the transmission to rotate and drive the wheels. The hydraulic fluid exits the turbine at its center, moving in the direction opposite to how it was forced in by the pump.

Erratic Shifting
Check the transmission fluid level. Windstars have problems with the o-ring seal at the back of the tranny and are prone to slow leaks. Shifting problems are sometimes the result of low fluid levels. If that doesn’t work, there may be a vacuum value sticking somewhere in the tranny.

To determine what the transmission problem is for your 2003 Ford Windstar Transmission, contact Charlotte’s best Transmission shop, Twin Charlotte at 704-821-3460. All Transmission diagnostics are free with repair and as always, free estimates can be given in person or even over the phone. If you have a question about your 2003 Ford Windstar Transmission, leave a comment below and one of our transmission repair technicians will answer you directly.

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