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honda rebuilt transmission charlotte ncThe 2003 model Honda Accord was available in coupe and sedan. There was a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder version of this model. The four-cylinder version came with 161-horsepower and had a 5- speed auto or manual transmission. On the other hand the six-cylinder coupe had 240-horsepower and a six-speed transmission. The 2003 Accord can have several problems with its transmission.

This article discusses problems with the 2003 Honda Accord Transmission. Rebuilt Transmission experts, Twin Transmission repair of Charlotte NC, specialize in all types of rebuilt transmissions and transmission repair, including Honda vehicles. If you are looking for a rebuilt transmission, call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Rebuilt Transmission estimate.

Here are some common transmission problems with the 2003 Honda Accord: 

The Gears Do Not Shift Properly

The only major problem with the 2003 Accord was with the transmission. Often the gears would not shift properly. When the dealers or mechanics checked it, they couldn’t find anything wrong. This would continue until the transmission had to be replaced.

While In Gear the Transmission Shifts Out Of Gear

Another problem with this model was the random shifting of gear issue. While driving it in any gear, it would shift out of gear. This problem could never really be repaired and eventually the transmission needed to be rebuilt.

The Third Gear Doesn’t Engage

Many times due to the overheating of the transmission the third gear would not engage. The car would proceed from the second gear directly to the fourth. This would result in major speed loss on the road.

Random Downshift 

The gears would randomly downshift. This issue was dangerous because if the car downshifted at a high speed, it would be like hitting the brakes. The car behind you would not have a warning that you are slowing down and may crash.

Harsh Shifting After Long Running

If the 2003 Accord is taken for a long drive on the highway and then you come to a road where the speed is slower the transmission will act up. The gear shifting after this sudden change would become harsh and make cranking sounds.

Grinding Noise from the Transmission

The most dangerous problem with this transmission was the extensive friction within the bell housing. The gears would heat up and small particles would be scattered within the housing. Transmission fluid lines would get choked because of the small particles resulting in transmission failure.

These are just some of the transmission problems experienced by 2003 Honda Accord owners. Twin Transmission is known as the “Transmission King of Charlotte NC”. With over 30 years experience with rebuilt transmission repair, you can trust Twin Transmission with your transmission problem. Call today for a Free Estimate and don’t forget to ask about our special 0% Financing now available.