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Honda transmissions are widely known for their problems and one of the top vehicles trending right now for transmission repair is the 2003 Honda Accord. In 1982, the Accord — which had always been manufactured in Sayama, Japan — became the first Japanese car to be produced in the United States when production commenced in Marysville, Ohio at Honda’s Marysville Auto Plant.  The 2003 Honda Accord is the seventh generation model of Honda Accords.This generation Accord was the first to use wheels with five lug nuts instead of the traditional four on 4-cylinder models.

Do you have a transmission problem with your 2003 Honda Accord? 
Common Symptoms for Transmission Repair in the 200


3 Honda Accord include:

* Transmission not shifting properly
* Transmission shifts out of gear
* Transmission will not shift into 3rd gear
* Unintended downshift
* Shifts violently at low speed after highway driving
* Will not go into gears
* OD light is flashing
* High pitched whining noise from transmission
* Clunking sound when put into gear
* Premature gear wear
* Transmission computer failure

* Sticking noise when shifting into drive
* Burnt smell on transmission fluid

An example of a 2003 Honda Accord Transmission failure:

For 2 days upon startup in the morning the transmission appeared to slip
when shifting from reverse to drive.
The third day at the speed of 50 mph I began to accelerate
and found that here was no power. I backed off the gas pedal,
tried again and got nothing. I downshifted and tried to accelerate once more.
I felt the transmission slip into gear. For the next 5 miles it went in and out of gear
and then NOTHING, no transmission at all.
The transmission now needs a rebuild repair.
When your transmission fails, needs a transmission repair or a transmission rebuild, the idea can seem difficult, but here at Twin Automotive & Transmission, we help make the transmission repair process simple. Most transmission rebuilds, including a transmission rebuild repair for a Honda Accord, are completed in 1 – 3 business days. All Transmission Rebuilds now include a 3 Year / Unlimited Mile / Nationwide warranty—the best transmission warranty in Charlotte.

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