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rebuilt transmission repair charlotte nc ford explorer 2013The 2004 Ford Explorer is an SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle. The Explorer was the SUV that made this vehicle type popular. The best part about a Ford Explorer is that it proves the utmost comfort when on the road. On the other hand, when it is on rough terrain you can turn it into a great off-roader. Yet, the 3rd Generation 2004 Ford Explorer has certain design defects in the transmission.

As rebuilt transmission experts, we have performed over 1000 rebuilt transmissions every single year. Although all transmission repair problems are different, we have experience with all makes and model vehicles, and have seen your same transmission problem before. This article is about the 2004 Ford Explorer and the transmission problems this vehicle has specifically.

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The Ford Explorer Transmission Solenoid Is Prone to Failure

In an automatic tranny, the solenoid is responsible for controlling many functions including gear shifting. If you have a problem with the solenoid there are many issues that can occur in your Explorer’s transmission. There are different types of solenoids used in the car. The most common failing solenoids are the torque control solenoid and transmission control solenoid. Once the solenoids fail they can result in various issues in the transmission. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep checking your solenoid for potential failures.

There is an inexpensive way to check the transmission solenoid for failures. You can purchase an ohm meter and keep an eye on the resistance level of the solenoids. The normal reading of a perfectly functional solenoid should be 20 to 30 ohms. In addition, if you do have a possible solenoid failure you can get a professional to replace it for you. They are inexpensive to replace.

Overheating Of the Transmission

If the transmission is not used as per the manufacturer’s specifications there is a good chance that the transmission will over heat. There are many issues that may arise after the overheating of the transmission. The gears expand and the gear teeth can break. If a gear tooth gets stuck in the transmission it can cause a transmission lock. Since this model’s transmission has an overheating issue, you may want to get your hands on a transmission cooler to avoid failure.

No Gear Shifting

Gear shifting in an automatic tranny is made possible because of a torque controller. The torque controller acts like a clutch and if it is not working, the gears will not shift. If the torque controller solenoid is faulty, the transmission will not shift gears.

Twin Transmission Repair of Charlotte NC are experts in transmission repair and transmission rebuild. If your 2004 Ford Explorer is exhibiting any of the signs above, please call us at 704-821-3460. There are many different types of transmission repairs that can be done, but letting a transmission problem get worse may result in a more costly repair. Avoid costly repairs by calling at the first signs of transmission trouble.