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2004 ford taurus transmission repair charlotte ncThe Taurus is Ford’s midsize sedan, also offered as a wagon. When it was introduced in 1985 the styling was unique, but by 1987 it was Ford’s best-selling car and from 1992 to 1996 it was the best-selling car in America. The 2000 Taurus was the first production car to offer power-adjustable brake and accelerator pedals. Many Ford vehicles, including the Taurus, ranging from all different years have transmission problems. Today we are looking at the 2004 Ford Taurus transmission repair and any transmission repair symptoms or problems it may have.

The 2004 Ford Taurus transmission is known to have sudden transmission problems, even before the mileage reaches the 100,000s. Proper maintenance of your Ford Taurus can help to prevent problems — make sure your transmission fluid is to the proper levels and routine maintenance is carried through each year.

Unlike other makes and models needing transmission repair, the 2004 Ford Taurus usually does not heed warnings signs of a problem, such as sounds or hard shifting. Many 2004 Taurus drivers quoted they were driving the same as usual when suddenly the engine revved very high and then went out, leaving them to ‘coast’ to the side of the road. Once stopped, they found they could not get the vehicle to move any further.

Common Transmission Problems with the 2004 Ford Taurus Transmission include:

  •  Transmission gears are slipping
  •  Check Transmission Light is on
  •  Sudden loss of gears
  •  Car will not move
  •  “Shuddering” when accelerating

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2004 Ford Taurus Transmission Repair Charlotte NC