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The Taurus is a popular luxury sedan manufactured by Ford. The sedan is manufactured in two variants. The Sable, which is more of a luxury car, is one of the variants of the Taurus. A more aggressive and sportier variant is the Taurus SHO which focuses more on performance. In 2005, Ford completely remodeled the Taurus. The 2005 Ford Taurus was no wonder a work of art when it came to luxury and engine power. However, the transmission of the car was a whole different story and can experience several types of transmission problems that may either lead to the need for a transmission repair or a transmission rebuild.

Twin Transmission has over 30 years experience repairing and rebuilding Ford transmissions, including the 2005 Ford Taurus transmission. If you are experiencing any of the transmission problems below, please contact us for a free estimate or a diagnosis for repair.

Acceleration Issues

One of the issues with the transmission of the Taurus is its acceleration. The Taurus will automatically accelerate in an aggressive manner, while at times it will not accelerate at all. This is a big concern for divers because if the transmission starts acting up in this manner on the highway, it could prove to be fatal. The acceleration issue eventually led to complete failure of the transmission and repairing it would cost thousands of dollars. 

Car Won’t Go Into Gear

Another reported issue with the 2005 Taurus was related to gear shifting. When the car would be put into gear, it would keep revving but won’t move. This is a major problem as this issue would not show any prior signs. The transmission would just randomly not work anymore. It is important to keep track of  minor vibrations and jerks as they may lead to this problem.

Solenoid Failure

The solenoids in the transmission control functionality. If the solenoid fails, the car will not shift gears at all, and even if it does, it will be restricted to specific gears such as the second and fourth gear. The first and third gear would not work. Solenoid failures are quite common and are inexpensive to repair.

Torque Converter Failure

The torque converter used in the 2005 Ford Taurus had thin spleens which would wear out prematurely. Due to a faulty torque converter the car would not move at all. Most transmission repair facilities can replace the torque converter with one which has more sturdy spleens.