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The 2006 Explorer is a Sports Utility Vehicle which was manufactured by Ford Motor Company. The 2006 model of the Explorer was significantly upgraded by the company. The chassis was reinforced and the suspension design was revised. Important utilities such as pressure monitor for the tires and stability control were also added. Introduced in two variants, 4-litre V-6 and the 4.6-litre V-8, this SUV was clearly one of the best ever produced by Ford.

Unfortunately, the automatic transmission of the 2006 Explorer didn’t compliment these features. Twin Transmission specializes in repairing and rebuilding all types of transmissions, including the transmission found in the 2006 Ford Explorer. Here are the most common problems associated with the 2006 Explorer’s transmission.

The Transmission Won’t Go Into Gear Immediately

One of the most common issues with the 2006 Explorer was the response time of the transmission. Many customers complained that once they put their vehicle in gear, it wouldn’t move. Suddenly, there would be a loud shuddering noise and the SUV would just take off.

Transmission Randomly Shifts Out Of Gear

This issue was one of the most dangerous ones. The 2006 Explorer would randomly downshift from any gear. For instance, while driving on the highway in 4th, it would randomly shift down to the 2nd. This issue was rather dangerous because a hard down-shift from 4th to 2nd is like slamming on your breaks at 50mph and capable of resulting in a serious collision on a highway.

Random Shifting Into 5th Gear and Won’t Downshift

Another issue faced by 2006 Explorer owners was non-sequential gear shifting. This was noticed the most while driving up hill in the SUV. If the engine was getting stressed because it was in a high gear, the transmission would not downshift. Finally when the driver would press on the gas pedal, the vehicle would suddenly jerk into 2nd and take-off. The sudden increase in speed as such is a concern and could result in an accident.

Radiator Leakage

The radiator leaking problem was one of the most serious, requiring a complete transmission rebuilt. The radiator would leak and the coolant would get mixed with the transmission fluid. This resulted in a complete transmission failure, which cost an arm and a leg.

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