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The Accord is a luxury sedan manufactured by Honda Motor Company Ltd. The 2009 Accord was introduced in two variants. The first was a 2.4-liter variant, providing 177 horsepower from a 4-cylinder engine. The second variant was more aggressive. It had a V-type 6-cylinder engine. The capacity is 3.5 liters and features a staggering 272 horsepower.

Although Honda provided some pretty attractive features in the 2009 Accord, it lacked functionality in a few important aspects. The seats of the Accord were relatively uncomfortable and the car consumed excess oil. However, there was one issue which resulted in a class-action lawsuit against the company. 

The 2009 Accord had a major problem of premature brake pad wear. There are many reasons for the premature brake wear, one of which is the fact that the design engineers used small brake pads.  The 2009 Accord was relatively heavier and had added horsepower. The brake pads that were used were not enough to support the force or the wear they sustained. Another reason for this was the softer pad material that the company used to minimize brake dust and rotor wear.

If you want to determine whether your brake pads are worn out or not, you can look for the following symptoms in your 2009 Honda Accord:

Squealing Sound When Stopping

Once of the most common symptoms of a worn out brake pad is a sharp squealing noise when braking. This sound is hard to miss and if you are experiencing this noise, it is best to get it checked. Squealing is a result of the metal end of the brake pad grinding against the rotor. If this problem is left unattended the brake rotors will need replacement as well.

Random Sinking Of the Brake Pedal

This symptom is not very common but is still quite dangerous. If your brake pads are worn out significantly, while applying the brake the pedal may all of a sudden sink to the floor without stopping the car. You would need to pump the pedal a couple of times to fix this. The same also indicates a leak in the master cylinder or break lines. This type of issue should never be taken lightly.

A brake failure while driving can be very dangerous so it is extremely important that you keep a lookout for these symptoms and get them checked. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate.