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From timing chain to A/C Compressor repair to torque converter problems, the most common complaint about the 2005 Ford Taurus is transmission failure. Luckily, there is hope — and ways to get your 2005 Ford Taurus back on the road if you need a transmission repair.

Two of the most common 2005 Ford Taurus symptoms for transmission repair include these senarios:
1) trying to drive forward, but not much movement forward, but realizing the engine is still revving up
2) car will not move, and then after hitting the gas, it lurches forward. Finally, the most common symptom that signals a transmission repair is if all the gears will not move at all, leaving your vehicle motionless.

Transmission repair is very important. Your transmission controls the movement of your wheels, so you can see if your transmission fails, you have a very severe problem. When you first see a sign that you may need a transmission repair, its time to take your vehicle in to get checked by a local transmission repair specialist. (If you are local to the Charlotte NC areas, call Twin Automotive & Transmission – they have been in the transmission repair and transmission rebuild business for over 30 years and offer Charlotte’s Longest Transmission Rebuild Warranty.)

Most people have the same problem with the 20005 Ford Taurus transmission — they are driving along and then sudddenly after stopping at a stop sign, the RPMs will go through the roof but there will be no moving forward or backwards, only park. So what do you do if you have a loss of gears and need a transmission repair?

The major option you have is to either rebuild transmission or replace. The less costly of the two, that usually always has a longer warranty — is a transmission rebuild. When replacing with a used transmission, typically you are purchasing a part that comes with little to no warranty — and a part that already has wear and tear on the transmission itself. The best option is to take your current transmission and pay for a complete transmission rebuild. A transmission rebuild on your 2005 Ford taurus means that the transmission will be removed, completely disassembled, broken or worn parts are replaced, cleaned and then the entire unit is reassembled with new transmission rebuild. This helps restore your transmission back to a ‘like-new’ working state.

(If you are local to the Charlotte NC areas, call Twin Automotive & Transmission at 704-821-3460. We provide free transmission repair and transmission rebuild estimates as well as Charlotte’s longest transmission rebuild warranty – 3 years / unlimited miles.)

Common Transmission Trouble Codes for the 2005 Ford Faurus:

P1700 Transmission system problems
P1701 Reverse Engagement Error
P1702 Transmission system problems
P1703 Brake On/Off Switch out of Self-Test Range
P1704 Transmission system problems
P1705 Manual Lever Position Sensor out of Self-Test Range
P1709 Park or Neutral Position Switch out of Self-Test Range
P1710 Transmission system problems
P1711 Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor out of Self-Test Range
P172 Transmission system problems
P1729 4×4 Low Switch Error
P1740 Transmission system problems
P1741 Torque Converter Clutch Control Error
P1742 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Faulty
P1743 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Faulty
P1744 Torque Converter Clutch System Stuck in Off Position
P1745 Transmission system problems
P1746 Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid – Open circuit
P1747 Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid – Short circuit
P1749 Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid Failed Low
P1751 Shift Solenoid No. 1 Performance
P1754 Coast Clutch Solenoid circuit malfunction
P1756 Shift Solenoid No. 2 Performance
P1760 Transmission system problems
P1761 Shift Solenoid No. 3 Performance
P1762 Transmission system problems
P1767 Transmission system problems
P1780 Transmission Control Switch circuit is out of Self-Test Range
P1781 4×4 Low Switch is out of Self-Test Range
P1783 Transmission Over-Temperature Condition
P1784 Transmission system problems
P1785 Transmission system problems
P1786 Transmission system problems
P1787 Transmission system problems
P1788 Transmission system problems
P1789 Transmission system problems
P1900 Transmission system problems

Do you need a transmission repair for your 2005 Ford Taurus? Contact us at 704-821-3460 for a free transmission repair estimate. Or, use this coupon at the bottom of the page for $200 OFF your transmission rebuild repair! (Valid for NC / SC residents only).

Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

Rebuilt Transmissions in Charlotte NC

Rebuilt Transmission Charlotte NCNothing is worse than having your transission fail. Above other auto repairs, the only other repair that can come close is an engine failure. Unlike other repair problems, where you still may be able to operate your truck, suv or car, a failed transmission means your vehicle isn’t moving anywhere.

If you need to get back on the road, Charlotte’s transmission specialists, Twin Automotive & Transmission Repair can answer all your questions about your transmission, including a rebuilt transmission

Based upon the age, make and model vehicle, or your current budget, a new transmission is not always a favorable option. A rebuilt transmission can help you save money, provides you with a warranty for the work performed, and will help restore your current transmission to close to a like new condition. Rebuilt transmissions also take a shorter time to repair, rather than waiting on a new transmission to become available or shipped from an out of state source.


Rebuilt transmissions also have benefits over a used transmission replacement. Used Transmissions typically come with no warranty and are typically in a condition that will lead to a future rebuild anyway. Imagine spending a few thousand on a used transmission, only to find that transmission also needs to be rebuilt just a few thousand miles later. Used transmissions are typically found in junk yards or sold cheaply online. When comparing a used transmision to a rebuilt transmission option, remember that there is no such thing as a “quick fix” with transmissions. Although you may save money purchasing a used transmission, that used transmission will have the same transmission failure or problem that you already had with your current transmission.

Here at Twin Automotive & Transmission repair, we understand that a quality rebuilt transmission is vital to the life of your vehicle. We take pride in our work, as most of our customers come straight from word of mouth referrals.

If you are having a transmission problem, or need a transmission rebuild, do not wait any longer. Twin Automotive & Transmission has the experience to get your vehicle back on the road in no time. And since we are not a franchise, you do not have to deal with any middle-men salesmen or additional fees. We can answer all your rebuilt transmission questions with no hassle, no pressure service. Call TwinCharlotte.com today by calling us at 704-821-3460.

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