2005 Ford Taurus Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

Ford Taurus Transmission RepairBoth years, 2003 Ford Taurus and the 2004 Ford Taurus seem to have the most transmission problems than other Ford Taurus years, but today we will focus on 2005 Ford Taurus Transmission Repair specifically.

Transmission repair issues for the 2005 Ford Taurus arise on average around 75,868 miles. Common experiences to signal a tranmission problem include driving and then noticing the transmission jerking when shifting, slow deceleration even when pressing the gas pedal, or even slipping gears.

So why do these transmission problems exist and what can be done to repair them? Here are the three complaints and reason for transmission repair:

1) Pops out of gear while driving
When you are driving, you may notice a sudden revv noise or the car isn’t travelling properly — the gear has switched on its own to another and won’t stay in the proper gear. This can be a very severe issue as it usually gets worse pretty fast from here. This usually means your gears are slipping, there may be a torque converter problem or even a problem in the transmission solenoid. On occasion, simple things such as low, burnt, or old oil can also cause random pops out of gear.
If you are experiencing this issue, please call us at 704-821-3406 immediately for a free diagnosis or if you are not located in the Charlotte NC area, contact your local transmission repair shop.

2) Torque converter failed
The torque converter allows your transmission to shift gears; without this, your car would not be able to move properly or at all. One of the most common reasons for torque converter failure is overheating. If there are high levels of slippage, the torque converter may not be able to keep up and dissipate the heat this creates. When torque converters overheat, more internal damage is caused, especially to the seals that keep fluids inside the converter. This in turn also causes a leak, which drains the transmission, causing it to stop working.
Torque converter failure is very serious — if you notice leaks or slipping, call us immediately at 704-821-3460 before furthur damage occurs.

3) Other transmission problems that led to a transmission rebuild / repair

There are many other reasons why your 2005 Ford Taurus transmission can fail. Some are very common issues, such as gears slipping or not shifting, or even loss of forward gear or reverse. Most of the transmission problems listed here can be resolved with a transmission rebuild. A transmission rebuld will restore your transmission to a like-almost-new condition — replaces broken internal parts, cleans the entire unit, and rebuilt with new fluids, seals and more.

We are experts in the field of transmission repair and transmission rebuild. Although every transmission has different problems, we have rebuilt the same transmission as yours before. We offer free transmission diagnostic services – so call us with your transmission problem or visit us in person to discuss what repair matches your vehicle’s needs. Use this coupon below to save $200 of your transmission rebuild!

Car AC Repair | Charlotte NC

car ac repair charlotte nc 2012

OK, so you got the slight hint that its almost summer from the temperatures in Charlotte reaching in the late 80’s yesterday. And, your Car A/C isn’t really working in top condition…or maybe its not working at all.
How can you be sure that your car A/C is ready to help you handle the heat this summer?
Check out these top 3 tips for car A/C repair, including a special summer savings 
coupon to get that A/C Running cold again in no time. 

1) Keep Your Car AC Running with Routine Maintenance
Routine maintenance on your Car AC system will help keep your Car AC running all year long. Checking and topping off refridgerate levels and ensuring there are no leaks in your Car AC will ensure cool air to keep blowing all summer long. Routine Maintenance on your Car AC will also allow us to specifically check for cross-contamination in your air flow — this helps to ensure you get the best quality air flow as well as best temperature
2) Run your Car AC all year round
Running your Car AC all year round, including during the winter, will help keep the AC system well lubricated and even leak tight. The reason for this is because refrigerant carries oil that will lubricate the AC system, including a very important part — the AC compressor. Running the AC all year round will keep the seals and hoses moist. This prevents the hoses and seals from drying out and cracking which leads to AC leaks.3) Don’t Ignore The Unusual
Musty smells and strange noises are “unusual” and usually a signal that something is wrong with the car AC. Musty smells or an “old” smell could mean your car AC needs a AC system recharge, or it could mean that bacteria, micro-organisms, mold or even fungi are growing inside the vehicle (this is typical for older vehicles). Mold or bacteria can affect a cars passengers, even given them “car sick” symptoms. Strange noises could mean anything from your car AC’s compressor failing to an even more mechanical problem. Do not ignore any of these items and have them checked out immediately.

Here at Twin Automotive, we want you to have the best, cool summer ever. Don’t suffer in the heat. If your car AC needs a system recharge or if you are having any problems, let us know. We specialize in Car AC repair and can help get your car AC working in top condition. Check out our Car A/C coupons, including the special coupon listed below:

Car AC Recharge Charlotte NC