3 Top Transmission Problems | 2003 Ford Taurus Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

2003 ford taurus transmission repair charlotte ncThe Ford Taurus is a sturdy automobile from the much renowned Ford Motor company. It was first introduced in 1986 and has remained in production since its first year, with modifications and upgrades being introduced almost yearly. The Ford Taurus was known as a milestone in car manufacturing design and has remained an icon in the Ford history. It was at one point the best-selling car in all of America and the 1986 to 1995 point especially is recalled in its successes. While being a beloved design, it eventually lost out to Toyota Camry in 1997 in its ranking for best-selling.

The 2003 Ford Taurus is a vehicle known for its sturdiness and power, and was quite famous when it came out. However, there have been some problems in the car’s transmission that have gradually come to light. The 2003 Ford Taurus has had numerous Transmission Problems, however this article highlights the top 3 that are most commonly experienced.

Internal Transmission Pumps
A few incidences have been reported where the pumps have broken down mid-drive which have led to further problems in the function of the car. As the transmission is vital for safety in maneuvering the car, it could be quite dangerous for the stick shift to stop functioning on its own. This problem has led to a large number of Ford Taurus models to be pulled out of the market.

Transmission Shaft
Another problem quite often observed Is the main shaft being broken down easily, that goes into the Torque converter. While there have been some refurbishments in the internal system of the car, this problem has sometimes persisted even with constant body work. The 2003 Ford Taurus is known for being sturdy and for being able to withstand shocks, thus these problems came as unprecedented and need to be taken care of accordingly. Some models seem to work better once they have had an upgrade in the braking and steering systems, but the transmission sustains.

Control Regulator Valve
Finally, there have been certain problems with the control regulator valve, but this is a less known problem that has occurred in only particular models. Acceleration can get severely affected through this problem, thus quick solutions need to be found for it.

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2 Top 2005 Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems | Charlotte NC

2005 nissan pathfinder transmission repair charlotte ncThe Nissan Pathfinder is a popular SUV that is a crossover model by Nissan Motors. The pathfinder itself is sized between the Murano, Armada and the Patrol, with a price range between the Xterra and Murano. Nissan Pathfinder’s transmission has been getting somewhat stilted reviews due to a common problem with the transmission. Below, we look at some of the reasons why Nissah Pathfinder’s transmission is likely to fail and need either a transmission repair or transmission rebuild.

Nissan’s Pathfinder has been at the hub of complaint forums due to its transmission problems. One of the reasons that users have lodged the complaint for is the fact that the transmission starts to vibrate at higher speeds and letting up on the gas pedal leads to deterioration in its speed. This is a common problem among the owners of Nissan Pathfinder. (There are several solutions to repair and we highly suggest if you are experiencing this to contact us at 704-821-3460.)
The 2005 Nissan Pathfinder transmission problems have been consistent in several different models. Another problem coming up consistently through the Nissan Pathfinder Transmission is that water from the radiation enters the transmission fluid during long trips in the car. This makes it harder for individuals to trust the car’s long term performance.

Changing your transmission flluid regularly can help avoid major problems like the ones described above. Transmission problems are not suggested to be ignored as they worsen with time. A small vibration today could easily turn into a lost gear tomorrow.

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