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The Honda Accord is known for transmission problems. As Transmission Repair and Rebuilt Transmission experts, we have repaired many Honda Accord transmissions. We complete over 1000 rebuilt transmissions every year in Charlotte NC. Although your Honda Accord transmission problem may seem unique, we have repaired or rebuilt the same transmission as yours before.

We offer Charlotte NC’s best warranty for rebuilt transmissions — 3 Years / Unlimited Miles. If you think you have a transmission problem, do not hesitate to call us for a free diagnosis or rebuilt transmission estimate. In some cases, the transmission can be repaired, but if the damage goes unrepaired for long, it may result in a more extensive transmission repair such as a rebuilt transmission. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for more information on your transmission repair.

Here are some common problems known for the Honda Accord transmission: 

2002 Honda Accord Transmission Repair and Rebuild

The 2002 Honda Accord faced issues with the transmission due to inferior quality parts. Honda was working with a vendor that didn’t supply the appropriate quality parts resulting in serious problems with the transmission in the 2002 model. This resulted in grinding sounds and thumps in the transmission when shifting gears. This issue would show up in the 2002 auto transmission model after only a few thousand miles. (Are you experiencing any of these transmission problems with your Honda? Call the Honda Transmission Repair expert – at 704-821-3460)

2003 Honda Accord Transmission Repair and Rebuild

The Honda Accord 2003 also had similar issues with the transmission. Honda did try to eliminate the issues after issues with the previous model. This model’s transmission had an issue with extensive friction in gears. As a result, these gears would shave off metal from each other which would get clogged in the fluid lines. (Are you experiencing any of these transmission problems with your Honda? Call the Honda Transmission Repair expert – at 704-821-3460)

2004 Honda Accord Transmission Repair and Rebuild

The 2004 Accord was the third consecutive model with transmission problems. In this model there was an overheating issue. Due to this the transmission gears would overheat and a gear tooth would chip off resulting in a locked transmission. This was a very serious issue because a transmission lock on the highway or in between traffic anywhere could result in a crash. (Are you experiencing any of these transmission problems with your Honda? Call the Honda Transmission Repair expert – at 704-821-3460)

2006 Honda Accord Transmission Repair and Rebuild

Honda made some improvements in the 2006 Accord but they weren’t significant. The auto-transmission vibrated and wouldn’t shift when increasing speed or going uphill.(Are you experiencing any of these transmission problems with your Honda? Call the Honda Transmission Repair expert – at 704-821-3460)

Twin Transmission is the rebuilt transmission and transmission repair specialist in Charlotte NC areas. Offering the longest warranty in NC on rebuilt transmissions, Twin Transmission also offers Free Towing, Financing and Free Estimates. Call them today at 704-821-3460.

Top 10 Parts of a Transmission | Rebuilt Transmission Charlotte NC

rebuilt transmission charlotte ncThe automatic car transmission is far more complex than manual transmission. There are a lot more parts in it and each part serves an important function. Twin Transmission Repair are experts in rebuilt transmission repair and all types of transmission repairs. We offer Charlotte NC’s best and longest rebuilt transmission warranty – 3 years / Unlimited Miles. Call today for your rebuilt transmission price — mention this blog for a special $200 off rebuilt transmission coupon — and don’t forget to ask about our 0% Financing, available now! 🙂

Top 10 Parts to a Car Transmission, How It Works, and Why It Is Important:

  • Torque Converter 

The torque converter acts like the clutch in a manual transmission. It keeps the car’s engine power separated from the transmission while the car is still and in gear. This component is really important because gear shifting would not be possible without it.

  • Input Shaft

The input shaft transfers the power from the torque converter to the internal gear sets. The torque converter gets power from the engine and transfers it to the input shaft. The input shaft then transfers it to the gears and then the vehicle moves.

  • Transmission Oil Pump

Comparatively the transmission oil pump plays the most important role in the entire automatic transmission. The auto transmission is also known as hydraulic transmission. Everything within the transmission is operated by hydraulics. This component produces the pressure that is required to get the components moving.

  • Valve Body

This component of the auto transmission ensures an even oil flow to the pistons and servos. The valve body further aids the transmission oil pumps to work properly.

  • Pressure Regulator

When the transmission oil pump creates pressure there is a chance of excess. The pressure regulator ensures that the pressure remains within the specified limit.

  • The Vacuum Modulator Valve

This is another important component of the automatic transmission. The vacuum modulator valve determines when a gear should be shifted with consideration to the engine load.

  • Planetary Gear Sets

The planetary gears are what the transmission is all about. The larger gears provide more torque while the smaller gears ensure that the transmission speed matches the engine speed.

  • Band

The bands are basically friction devices. Their job is to hold the gears within the planetary gear sets together. A newer transmission can have up to three of these bands.

  • Clutches

The disc clutches in an automatic transmission hold the planetary gear sets together. The front clutch assembly usually powers or drives the sun gear. The next clutch engages the planetary ring gear.

  • Output Shaft

The output shaft is connected to the differential. This is what drives the wheels and moves the vehicle forward.

Best Transmission Repair Shop in Charlotte NC

best transmission repair shop in charlotte ncHow to Choose the Best Transmission Repair Shop in Charlotte NC

A transmission problem is any car owner’s worse nightmare. In addition, to the problems faced due to the faulty transmission, it has potential to be a very costly to repair, depending on the circumstances. A car is an investment that is meant to make your life easy. In order to fix the faulty transmission you need a reliable transmission repair shop. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for a reliable transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC:

Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

When looking for a transmission repair facility it is best to consult your family and friends. They would be able to tell you if they have experience with any such facility. Once you have a list of recommended facilities you can start making calls. Always remember to visit the repair service once and take a look around before deciding to hire them to do your work. You can also check if the service has a website and that will tell you a lot about the kind of service that they offer.

best transmission repair charlotte ncThe Repair Service Facility Should Have the Latest Tools

Repairing a transmission is different from the rest of the car. It requires specialized tools and equipment to perform the repair or rebuild. The transmission technology advances with every new model. Therefore, it is important that the repair facility has the latest tools and equipment available at their disposal. This will ensure quality repairs and show the shop’s dedication towards quality service.

Analysis Equipment Has To Be Top of the Line

The transmission repair shop should have the latest in problem diagnosis equipment. This will enable them to analyze the problem with your transmission accurately. With a proper diagnosis the repair facility will be able to provide you an accurate estimate and problem description. This proves helpful if you’re on a strict budget and want to analyze your cost before getting the repairs done.

Their Cost of Service Should Match the Quality

Always ask around different repair shops for quotes and check their service. If you are spending a large sum on your transmission repair you should get the value for your money. In other words, you should try to get the best possible service in the amount that you are spending.

Twin Transmission offers the best transmission repair in Charlotte NC. Read all of our reviews by clicking here and watch videos from customers below. We offer the longest rebuilt transmission warranty in NC (3 Years / Unlimited Miles). Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free rebuilt transmission or transmission repair estimate.

2005 Nissan Xterra Rebuilt Transmission | Charlotte NC

2005 nissa xterra rebuilt transmission 2013 1151The 2005 Nissan Xterra underwent several design revisions. This model was larger and more ideal for off-road driving. The model had 265-horsepower. It also offered a rear differential locker. However, it was only offered on the models specified for driving on rough terrain. Although the SUV was very popular it caused a lot of problems for users because of transmission issues. 

As the Rebuilt Transmission King of Charlotte NC, Twin Transmission specializes in rebuilt transmission and all types of transmission repair, including 2005 Nissan Xterra transmission problems. If you are looking for a rebuilt transmission price, please call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate. This article discusses common problems with the 2005 Nissan Xterra:  

Transmission Failure Due To Radiator

The most common issue with the 2005 Nissan Xterra was transmission failure because of the radiator. The transmission fluid requires cooling and runs through a space in the radiator to be cooled. The radiator housing of the Xterra was weak. The radiator would leak because of this. As a result of the leak, the coolant in the radiator would get mixed with the transmission fluid. When the part transmission fluid, part coolant would circulate in the transmission, it would cause damage to the components. The transmission would fail due to this.

Vibration and Jerks While Driving

The transmission had a problem of vibrating while driving. In addition, the transmission would also jerk when shifting. This jerking and vibrating was a sign of failure and rather uncomfortable to drive with.  Often the transmissions would fail at around 90,000 miles. In addition, the repair costs associated with the transmission repair are significant and had to be borne by the customer. This was because even though the warranty was extended to 80,000 miles the transmission would fail after it had expired.

Shuddering After Certain Speeds

The 2005 Xterra had a shuddering problem after a certain speed. Whenever, the car would hit 40 miles per hour, the transmission starts shuddering. Most of these issues with the transmission were primarily related to the leaking radiator. The vibration, jerking and shuddering were the initial signs of transmission failure.

Do you need a rebuilt transmission or a transmission repair on your 2005 Nissan Xterra? We specialize in all types of transmission repair and perform over 1000 rebuilt transmissions each year. We carry Charlotte NC’s longest transmission rebuild warranty – 3 years / unlimited miles. 

Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate on your rebuilt transmission or transmission repair! 🙂

2003 Honda Accord Rebuilt Transmission | Charlotte NC

honda rebuilt transmission charlotte ncThe 2003 model Honda Accord was available in coupe and sedan. There was a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder version of this model. The four-cylinder version came with 161-horsepower and had a 5- speed auto or manual transmission. On the other hand the six-cylinder coupe had 240-horsepower and a six-speed transmission. The 2003 Accord can have several problems with its transmission.

This article discusses problems with the 2003 Honda Accord Transmission. Rebuilt Transmission experts, Twin Transmission repair of Charlotte NC, specialize in all types of rebuilt transmissions and transmission repair, including Honda vehicles. If you are looking for a rebuilt transmission, call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Rebuilt Transmission estimate.

Here are some common transmission problems with the 2003 Honda Accord: 

The Gears Do Not Shift Properly

The only major problem with the 2003 Accord was with the transmission. Often the gears would not shift properly. When the dealers or mechanics checked it, they couldn’t find anything wrong. This would continue until the transmission had to be replaced.

While In Gear the Transmission Shifts Out Of Gear

Another problem with this model was the random shifting of gear issue. While driving it in any gear, it would shift out of gear. This problem could never really be repaired and eventually the transmission needed to be rebuilt.

The Third Gear Doesn’t Engage

Many times due to the overheating of the transmission the third gear would not engage. The car would proceed from the second gear directly to the fourth. This would result in major speed loss on the road.

Random Downshift 

The gears would randomly downshift. This issue was dangerous because if the car downshifted at a high speed, it would be like hitting the brakes. The car behind you would not have a warning that you are slowing down and may crash.

Harsh Shifting After Long Running

If the 2003 Accord is taken for a long drive on the highway and then you come to a road where the speed is slower the transmission will act up. The gear shifting after this sudden change would become harsh and make cranking sounds.

Grinding Noise from the Transmission

The most dangerous problem with this transmission was the extensive friction within the bell housing. The gears would heat up and small particles would be scattered within the housing. Transmission fluid lines would get choked because of the small particles resulting in transmission failure.

These are just some of the transmission problems experienced by 2003 Honda Accord owners. Twin Transmission is known as the “Transmission King of Charlotte NC”. With over 30 years experience with rebuilt transmission repair, you can trust Twin Transmission with your transmission problem. Call today for a Free Estimate and don’t forget to ask about our special 0% Financing now available.

What Is A Transmission Torque Converter And How Does It Work?

Manual transmissions are more widely used than automatic. In addition, they are a lot simpler to understand. The engine in a manual transmission is connected to the transmission with a clutch. If you want to shift gears you press the clutch and it disconnects the engine power from the transmission. However, on an automatic transmission there is no clutch. Therefore, to allow safe gear shifting the automatic transmission uses a torque converter.

Like manual transmissions, automatic ones need a way to let the engine spin freely while the gear is being changed. The torque converter allows the engine to do so while the car is stopped or is in drive. This is like a device that transfers rotating power. If you don’t hit the throttle, it just requires a touch of the brake pedal to keep the car halted. On the other hand, if you press the throttle, it will require a lot of pressure to keep the car halted with the gear. In both situations, the car is in gear but the torque converter controls the amount of torque that is passed onto the transmission with the engine speed.

The torque converter has three major components to aid its functionality.

  • Pump
  • Turbine
  • Stator

The pump in the torque converter moves with the engine speed. As the engine speed increases the pump flings fluid to the outsides. This process is much like a washing machine flinging water outwards. This action creates a vacuum and the fluid enters the turbine. Once the turbine spins, it causes the transmission to move and as a result your car moves forward. The stator allows the fluid that enters the turbine to exit in a different direction.

There are certain advantages of a torque converter. Firstly, the torque converter enhances the torque of your engine when you accelerate. Torque converters in newer cars can actually boost the torque up to 2 or 3 times. At high speeds the transmission speed almost matches the engine speed, but not exactly. For a car to be fuel efficient, it is important for the transmission speed and engine speed to match. Due to this reason, the torque converter is equipped with a lockup clutch. The car becomes more fuel efficient.

4L60E Transmission Repair Solutions | Charlotte Transmission Shop

4l60e transmission repair solutionsIf your car is running on the 4L60E transmission, you are likely to run into some normal wear and tear problems with it over time. However, it is helpful to know about the common problems associated with this type of transmission.

Twin Transmission Repair are experts in the 4L60E Transmission, as well as all other transmission types. Here are 8 common problems with the 4L60E Transmission and common solutions for repair:

  • Gear Shift At WOT

Often in the 4L60E, gears do not shift until you let go of the throttle. The gears only shift once you let go and then hit the throttle again. This may be an issue with the TPS, which needs to be replaced.

  • Slipping Of Gears

If the 4L60E gears are slipping, there can be various reasons behind it. Worn out clutches, fluid leak or it may be a broken sunshell. The worst case may be of a worn out boost valve.

  • Delayed Gear Shifting

If there is a delay in gear shifting there is one likely root cause, that is, the accumulator piston is cracked. The spring inside the housing should be checked and if it is broken, it needs to be replaced.

  • Does Not Shift Into Overdrive

If the transmission is not shifting into overdrive the TPS needs to be replaced. This problem is often combined with harsh and delayed shifting of the first and second gears.

  • Grinding Noise in Second Gear

A grinding noise in the second gear generally points towards a cracked sunshell. For this, the entire transmission must be removed and then rebuilt. In addition, you should avoid driving your car because it may cause further damage to the transmission.

  • Only the First and Third Gear Is Working

This problem is most commonly associated with shaved off splints. For this the transmission must be removed and rebuilt. To prevent more damage, avoid driving the car.

  • Reverse Gear Slips

If the reverse gear in the 4L60E slips or is delayed, there is a problem with the reverse clutches. These clutches are often worn out. The same problem may also occur if there is a transmission fluid leak.

  • Third And Fourth Gear Do Not Work

If the third and fourth gears are not working, it means that the 4L60E has a worn out clutch. This would require removing the transmission and rebuilding it.

List of vehicles with the 4L60E Transmission:

  • Buick Rainier
  • Buick Roadmaster 1994-1996
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Cadillac Brougham 1991-1992
  • Cadillac Fleetwood 1994-1996
  • Chevrolet Astro
  • Chevrolet Avalanche 2002-2008
  • Chevrolet Blazer
  • Chevrolet Camaro 1994-2002 (1990-1993 has the non-electronic model 4L60)
  • Chevrolet Caprice 1994-96
  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • Chevrolet Corvette 1994-2004
  • Chevrolet Express
  • Chevrolet Impala SS 1994-1996
  • Chevrolet S-10
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500-2500
  • Chevrolet SSR
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Chevrolet TrailBlazer
  • GMC Canyon
  • GMC Envoy
  • GMC Safari
  • GMC Savana
  • GMC Sierra 1500-2500
  • GMC Sonoma
  • GMC Yukon
  • GMC Yukon XL Denali
  • Holden Commodore (VR, VS, VT, VX, VY, VZ, VE) 1993-present
  • Holden Statesman (VR, VS, WH, WK and WL) 1994-2006
  • Hummer H2
  • Pontiac Firebird 1994-2002 (1993 has the non-electronic model 4L60)
  • Pontiac GTO 2004-2006

Rebuilt Transmission Specialists | Charlotte Transmission Shop

3 Reasons Why Twin Transmission Is the Best Transmission Repair Shop in Charlotte NC

rebuilt transmission prices charlotte ncHaving a blown transmission is anyone’s worse nightmare, especially because it is expensive to repair. In such a situation, it is important that you find a reliable and cost effective transmission repair service. This is where Twin Transmission is recommended. Twin Transmission is the best rebuilt transmission shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Twin Transmission specialists in rebuilt transmissions and all types of transmission repair. Here are just three reasons why it is considered the best in Charlotte NC:

Twin Transmission Provides the Longest Rebuild Repair Warranty

Most repair facilities provide a 24-month and 24,000-mile warranty. On the other hand, at Twin Transmission you will be given a 3-year unlimited miles warranty for all rebuilt transmission repairs. This gives you assurance that you will be taken care of in the event of something going wrong with the transmission after being repaired.

Twin Transmission Has Experienced Experts

Twin Transmission has experts who have been in the field for years. With over 30 years experience, Twin Transmission is known as the “Transmission King of Charlotte NC’.

Customers Have Rated Twin Transmission A+

Customers appreciate the service provided by Twin Transmission. Twin Transmission is dedicated to providing the best customer service and the best price. Most repair services trick customers into bringing their cars in for repair by giving them a false quote. Once the car is disassembled they come up with a new quote which is higher than the previous one.

Since the transmission has been removed from your car, you only have two options. You can either agree to the high price that they are charging now or you can ask them to assemble the transmission again and move to a different service. In this case, they will still charge you for putting the transmission back together.

At Twin Transmission you will be provided a detailed description of the repairs to be done on your vehicle. Then a quote will be given to you. The only event where your quote may change would be if during the rebuilt transmission process, parts are discovered to be worn or broken, which would then need to be replaced before the rebuilt transmission process is complete. This would only be in the event if something else turns out to be wrong with the transmission once disassembled. Customers have given a lot of positive reviews because of this excellent service.

Twin transmission also provides the following value added services for your convenience:

  • Free Transmission Repair Diagnosis 
  • 0% Financing Available
  • 24/7 Free Towing within shop radius
  • Round the clock car pick-up and drop-off
  • Free Estimates

Transmission Rebuild Repair Specialists | Charlotte NC

transmission rebuilt charlotte ncWhat is a Transmission Rebuild repair?

There are many reasons you may need to get your transmission repaired or replaced. However, it is always a good idea to get the issue analyzed before deciding to replace your transmission. Sometimes slipping or hard shifts may not be the result of a faulty transmission, but can be repaired. Nowadays, there are various sensors installed in cars to tell you whether the issue is transmission related or not. This eliminates any speculations and guesswork.

Twin Transmission Repair specializes in all types of transmission problems. As the leader in rebuilt transmissions and transmission repair, Twin Transmission completes over 1000 rebuilt transmissions every year. Offering the longest Transmission Rebuild warranty in NC, you can trust your transmission will be repaired right the first time.

Here is a Transmission Repair and Transmission Rebuild explained:

Transmission Repair

Choosing between repairing a transmission and rebuilding a transmission depends on your budget. If you are on a tight budget and don’t intend to spend much on a broken down transmission, you can get it repaired. Repairing a transmission involves replacing the damaged or worn out part only. In this case the repair warranty only covers the component that was replaced.

For instance, if the transmission fluid was leaking due to a worn out seal, the seal will be replaced to resolve the leak. However, if something else goes wrong later, you would need to pay extra to get it repaired. On the other hand, if there is damage related to the repair, the repair warranty would cover it.

This is definitely a cost effective option as you only pay for the repairs and it saves you time. However, there is a risk in getting the transmission repaired because you may end up paying twice for service and not to mention the parts.

Rebuilt Transmission Repair

When a transmission is rebuilt, the transmission is removed from the vehicle and completely disassembled. Once this is done, every single part is inspected for signs of wear. Each part that shows signs of wear & tear, and may potentially cause problems is replaced. Once the parts are replaced the transmission is reassembled and new gaskets, bands and seals are used.

There are several signs that you need a transmission rebuild – ranging from slipping gears, missing gears or to the severe level that your car has lost movement. The transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without the transmission operating properly, your vehicle will simply not be able to move or could fail while driving.

A Transmission Rebuild requires removing the entire transmission unit from your car and completely disassembling it. We do not subcontract our transmission rebuilds and perform each transmission rebuild at our Charlotte NC location in Indian Trail, NC. Here your vehicle is professionally handled and the transmission is rebuilt at an affordable cost and within a reasonsable timeframe.

Transmission Rebuild’s can be very complex. Each part inside the transmission needs to be removed and inspected. Any worn or broken parts are replaced and all parts returning to the transmission are cleaned. New transmission fluid is added to the transmission and it is completely rebuilt or reassembled before reinstalling into your vehicle.

After a transmission rebuild is complete, we test the vehicle via state of the art equipment and road testing. We stand behind our work and offer Charlotte NC ‘s longest transmission rebuild warranty – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles.

For more information on if you need a transmission repair or a transmission rebuild, please call us at 704-821-3460. 

2006 Honda Accord Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

rebuilt transmission charlotte nc 2006 honda accord 2013The 2006 Honda Accord is the seventh generation of this make. The car has 161 to 166 horsepower, depending on the model. It is available in both automatic and manual transmissions. This car is luxurious and economical at the same time. Like the previous models of Accord, this one also had an inherit problem with its automatic transmission.

This article discusses the 3 main transmission problems with the 2006 Honda Accord. Twin Transmission is the best in rebuilt transmissions in Charlotte NC. We have over 30 years experience with all types of transmission repair, including rebuilt transmissions. If you think you may need a rebuilt transmission or a transmission repair on your Honda, please call us today at 704-821-3460. We can provide you a Free Estimate for your rebuilt transmission and also diagnose your transmission problem. 

Some Transmission Repair problems can be fixed within 1 – 3 days, while other repairs such as rebuilt transmissions may take longer. Depending on your Honda’s specific transmission issue, we can have you back on the road in no time. Mention this blog for a $200 OFF rebuilt transmission coupon. 

Extensive Friction between the Gears

The 2006 Accord had a major issue with the gears not getting enough lubrication. The gears would face intense friction together which is not ideal. As a result the gears let off metal shavings. The metal shavings would mix with the transmission fluid and go into the lines. The lines would get blocked and the transmission oil wouldn’t circulate within the bell housing.

Honda was aware of the issue and tried to rectify it. However, they didn’t revise the design of the transmission. Instead they just recalled the transmission and installed an oil spray pressure jet to keep the gears lubricated properly. This didn’t help much and many transmissions modified by Honda failed to the extent that they required replacement.

Transmission Overheating Issue

The transmission overheating issue was also a big concern in the seventh generation Accord. Due to the overheating of the transmission the gears would expand. This resulted in the gear teeth getting chipped. The chipped teeth posed two potential problems. Firstly, the teeth would clog the transmission fluid lines and hinder the fluid flow. Secondly, the teeth could get stuck in the transmission and cause a lock.

A transmission lock is very dangerous, and can halt a moving vehicle in the middle of the highway. Since this was the result of lack of lubrication, Honda’s oil jet modification was thought to be the solution to this.

Weak Gear Shifting

Besides the lack of lubrication and the overheating, the transmission was not very strong. When the car was driving at high speeds or uphill, the transmission would vibrate and make humming sounds. In addition, at high speeds and uphill drives, the transmission would not shift gears at all which was also an issue with the 2006 Accord.

As Rebuilt Honda Transmission experts, we know the inside of your vehicles transmission. There are hundreds of different parts inside one transmission and as Charlotte NC’s rebuilt transmission specialist, we can help solve any transmission repair problem you may have. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a Free Rebuilt Transmission Estimate and Diagnosis. 

Don’t forget to ask us about our 0% Financing, available now.