Top 3 Worst Cars for Transmission Rebuild Problems | Charlotte NC

Twin Charlotte specializes in transmission repair and rebuilt transmissions in Charlotte NC. There are many things that can cause your transmission to fail — worn parts, improper driving, age of the vehicle, mileage on the transmission and more — but there are some vehicles that are more prone to transmission problems than others.

Here are 3 vehicles that most commonly have transmission problems: 

Honda Accord

The Accord is a luxury sedan manufactured by Honda Motor Company Ltd. The Accord features a luxurious drive and top of the line features. Unfortunately, the later models of the Honda Accord had a major design flaw with their automatic transmission. The Accord had problems with gear shifting, transmission lock up and premature transmission failure. Transmission failure in the Honda Accord was the result of improper lubrication of gears. Due to this, the gears would grind together and leave residue in the transmission bell housing.

The residue from the gears would choke the transmission fluid lines. Once the transmission does not get proper lubrications and cooling, it would result in a failure. This problem was not limited to the Honda Accord; similar design flaws were noticed in the Honda Odyssey as well.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan which was introduced in 1994. This minivan is perfect for a large family and features a luxurious drive combined with superb fuel economy that is unlike any other vehicle of the same type. Like the Accord, the Odyssey had an issue with its transmission design. 

One issue with Odyssey’s transmission was with the ball bearing used in the assembly. Secondly, the gears were not getting proper lubrication. The weak ball bearing had a tendency to shatter within the bell housing. This would clog the fluid lines and the gears would not get proper lubrication. As a result, the gears would heat-up immensely and crack the gear teeth. 

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a Sports Utility Vehicle. The Explorer is known for its comfort on and off the road. However, with the luxury that Ford offered with its Explorer came a manufacturing defect with its transmission. The Explorer’s automatic transmission had an overheating and a solenoid failure issue. Overheating of gears was a serious problem as the gear teeth would break resulting in a transmission lock. On the other hand, if the solenoid within the transmission failed, it would not shift gears at all.

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Transmission Rebuild Specialists | Transmission Rebuild Process – Charlotte NC

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing someone to rebuild your transmission, such as “How long has this transmission shop been in business?”, “What experience do they have?”, “What do their customer reviews online say”?, and even “What parts do they use in a transmission rebuild?” 

When we perform a complete transmission rebuild, there is a specific process that we follow to ensure that you get the best transmission rebuild possible. This includes providing your vehicle with the best, top of the line transmission parts possible. By using these high quality parts, we are able to also give your transmission rebuild the longest rebuild warranty in North Carolina – 3 Years / Unlimited Miles.

transmission rebuild charlotte nc 91513

When we rebuild your transmission, these are just some of the steps and measures we take to ensure your transmission is completely rebuilt and restored to an “like new” condition:

-Your transmission is removed properly and safely from your vehicle
-The entire transmission is disassembled (yes, broke down into every single part, gear, valve and more)
-All fluids are drained from the transmission
-The entire transmission unit and its parts are cleaned thoroughly
-All transmission parts are visually inspected for wear and tear or damage
-Broken or worn parts are replaced (“Soft” transmission parts include clutches, bands, filter, sealing rings, bushings, external seals and gaskets — these parts are always replaced in every transmission we rebuild. “Hard” transmission parts are major internal components to your transmission – these include clutch drum, pump, or even a planetary gear set. There is no way to know for certain the condition of these “Hard” transmission parts until we disassemble your transmission and perform this visual inspection.)
-The transmission is rebuilt and put back together
-Transmission fluid is put back into the transmission, as well as the transmission reinstalled into your vehicle properly and safely
-Shop tests and road tests are performed to properly verify the transmission rebuild has been performed and comply with our quality checks and doublechecks!

This is just a brief description of the transmission rebuild process. Please know that when we rebuild your transmission, we understand that this vehicle may either be your daily driver, the car that totes your kids to and from sports and practices, or your only mode of transportation. Unlike a dealership or franchise, we are a family business that understands the needs you have for your vehicle. We take care of every vehicle that comes into our shop as if it were our own, our friends vehicle or even our own family members car.

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Top 3 Car Maintenances You Shouldn’t Ignore | Charlotte NC

It is important to keep your car properly maintained. This will not only save you from unexpected breakdowns but will also ensure your safety as a driver. In addition, timely maintenance can save you a considerable amount of money on gas. Although maintaining every part in your car is important, there are three maintenances that should be your top priority:

Make Sure Your Tires Have Proper Air Pressure

Tire air pressure maintenance is never given much thought. Maintaining the correct air pressure in your vehicle’s tires is as important as getting your engine tuned. If the correct air pressure is not maintained, the tires tend to wear out quicker, resulting in a poor gas mileage and it can also greatly affect the vehicle’s handling. Tire pressure should be checked weekly because tires lose air every day. This is the result of a process known as permeation. In cooler climates tires loose 1 to 2 psi of air every month. In warmer weather the pressure loss is greater.

Change Your Transmission Fluids Regularly

Changing the transmission fluids depends on the type of transmission that your car has. If you have an automatic transmission, you should change the transmission fluids more frequently. With manual transmission the fluid changing frequency is rather relaxed. For correct frequency of changing your transmission fluids you should check the owner’s manual of your car or consult a reputed mechanic. On the other hand, transmission fluid levels should be checked every week. This applies especially if you drive your car under stressful conditions, like slow-moving traffic, which requires more shifting.

Replace Your Timing Belt Every 60,000 Miles

The timing belt is one of the most important maintenances of a car. The timing belt is responsible for running the crank shaft and the valve cams in a synchronized manner. The belt makes sure that the valves do not hit the pistons while opening and closing. If the timing belt gets worn out and misses a tooth on the cam shaft, it could result in a valve hitting a piston. This is an extremely costly failure and will require an engine rebuild. Timing belts should be replaced every sixty thousand miles, ideally.

If you want your vehicle running at its best, it is important that you keep an eye out for these simple maintenances!

Rebuilt Transmission Prices Charlotte NC | Your Biggest Question Answered

One of the main and first questions we hear from potential customers either over the phone, email or blog is: “If I did need a transmission repair or rebuild…what is the price for that?” In many cases, a client first wants to know what their “worst case senario” may be.

This is a very fair question and I want to take you through the top 3 items that make up your rebuilt transmission price so you will have a better understanding on what your “worst case senario” price may be, or how much a transmission repair may cost you.

1) Time
The first thing you need to know about rebuilt transmission prices is that the time involved to complete the rebuild is one of the major factors (besides parts needed) that help to make up the price for your rebuilt transmission or transmission repair. Although some vehicles carry the same or similar model transmissions, the time to remove the transmission from the vehicle, disassembly, draining of transmission fluids, inspecting all interior parts (replacing damaged or worn parts) and more are tasks that must be completed and do require a minimum amount of time.

Key Note: A “fast” transmission rebuild should raise a flag or some concern. A complete transmission rebuild includes removing the transmission from your vehicle, taking apart the entire unit, inspecting and cleaning every part, removing and replacing damaged or worn parts, draining all fluids, replacing fluids and more.

2)  Parts to be Replaced
There are many cases when a transmission rebuild can be quoted as a final number. However, in some vehicle and transmission types, there are interior parts within the transmission that we cannot guarrantee that they do not need to be replaced until we open the transmission unit up and inspect the hard part itself. Some interior hard parts can cost between $100 – $600, the price will vary depending on the part. However, when we do give you a estimate for the complete transmission rebuild, we can let you know up front what the cost may be if the additional part is damaged and does need to be replaced. This will help give you a more exact “worst case senario” pricing for your rebuilt transmission.

3)  Warranty
There are many transmission repair shops around the Charlotte NC area and across the United States that offer low time frame warranties with their rebuilds, and then there are reputable shops such as ourselves that offer the longest transmission rebuild warranty in NC (3 Years / Unlimited Miles). There is a method to these different warranties – and it usually has to do with the experience level of the transmission mechanic or the parts that are being used. There are some parts that go into a rebuild transmission that come with a warranty themselves. Here at Twin Charlotte, we use the best quality in transmission parts — therefore, we can also pass their great warranty onto you, our valued customer. Smaller shops may offer a shorter warranty period due to the part that they are using – it may only come with a shorter guarrantee itself.

I hope this article helps you understand the prices of rebuilt transmissions! Do you think you have a transmission problem and need a repair or rebuild? Leave a comment below or contact us today at 704-821-3460. You can also email me direct at with any questions. 

Learn About The 4L60E Transmission | Charlotte NC

Designed and manufactured by General Motors, the 4L60E is an automatic transmission. It has four forward gears and to this day it is considered as one of the best transmissions ever manufactured. The 4L60E was featured in some of the best vehicles over the years. Intended for use in rear wheel drive vehicles, the great thing about the 4L60E is its versatility. Since its inception, it has been seen in a wide variety of vehicles. 

The 4L60E was initially introduced in GMC trucks and SUVs. Later it was also included in performance based cars like the 1994 Chevrolet Camaro. Even today, the 4L60E is popular among enthusiasts. Some prefer to use it in their trucks for superb torque while others prefer the 4L60E as a high performance upgrade for their street rods and muscle cars.

The 4L60E is not just popular because of its durability. The transmission offers various options which allow extreme customization to boost performance. Let’s look at some of the features of the 4L60E.

A Substantial Improvement in Fuel Consumption

The 4L60E is a great option if you are planning to upgrade your vehicle or work on a restoration. The advantage that this transmission serves is the overdrive gear. The overdrive gear of the 4L60E provides a spectacular boost of forty percent in fuel consumption. An improvement in fuel consumption is a big advantage considering gas prices nowadays.

Various Customization Options Available

Since the 4L60E is one of the most common performance transmissions in the market, you get various customization options available. These upgrades allow you to boost the performance of your car’s 4L60E without replacing it. There are complete shift kits available that allow you to alter the performance level of the transmission. You can modify it for towing, regular street driving or performing drag or strip racing.

Easy Programming of the Shift Points

Since the 4L60E is an electronic automatic transmission, the shift points can be easily changed. You can alter the shift points of the transmission with the help of a computer. Meanwhile, a regular non-electronic transmission would require longs hours of work on the governor.

With great power comes great responsibility; the same is the case with the 4L60E. It is excellent when it comes to performance, but it requires care and frequent maintenance.

Twin Transmission Repair are experts in the 4L60E Transmission. Does your 4L60E transmission need to be repaired? Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate.