3 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car

With the arrival of winter just round the corner, it is time for you to prepare your car to make it a safer ride. Car accidents rise significantly in winter due to slippery roads, which make vehicles more susceptible slipping. Taking a few additional safety measures before winter arrives can help you keep your vehicle safe in the harsh weather, making sure that you and passengers remain safe. Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to make your car ready for winter:

Get a Fluid Flush

The first thing you should do is get the transmission fluid and oil changed. Fluids that are too old get dirty and extremely thick, making it harder for the engine to perform, putting pressure on it. This can affect the performance of your engine causing different issues. The gear might get stuck or the car would stop working at all, leaving you without any vehicle in the harsh winter. So, fluid flush is the first thing your vehicle needs before winter.

Check Your Brakes

In winter, the roads get extremely slippery and therefore, applying brakes wouldn’t stop the car immediately. So, you need to ensure that your brakes are functional and in a good position to perform as needed. You should get the brake oil and beak cord checked thoroughly by a professional to ensure that they are completely functional.

Get Winter Tires

Winter tires are available for installation so that you can drive more safely in winter. These tires usually have a slightly higher pressure, and they create more traction over the slippery surfaces, decreasing the chances that your car would slip off the road. If you are not planning to get winter tires, you can at least get the pressure of your current tires checked. You can make the tire slightly more pressurized than normal for creating more traction. This would also make your car tires less slippery.

If you take care of these few simple things in your vehicle before winter, you can get your vehicle ready to be driven on slippery roads more safely. This will not just keep you but others in your car safe as well.

3 Top Torque Converter Transmission Problems and Solutions for Repair

torque converter repair charlotte nc transmission 1103One of the most costly vehicles repairs you could face is related to the transmission. The transmission is one of the most important components of a car. If the transmission is not working properly, the vehicle will not move. The transmission controls the power generated by the engine when you shift gears. The manual transmission is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Auto transmissions, on the other hand, are far more complex.

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These transmissions have various electronic and mechanical components. Each component contributes to the performance of the auto transmission. If a single component is faulty, the transmission will not deliver the results you are looking for. One of the most common failures in an automatic transmission occurs in the torque converter. It acts like a clutch in automatic transmissions. Here are the most common problems related to torque converters and their possible solutions:

Overheating Of the Converter

One of the most common issues with torque converters is overheating. Once the torque converter overheats, it puts the structural integrity of the other parts to the test. If this problem is ignored, it will cause damage to the seals, gaskets and o-rings. Once these parts are damaged, the transmission may start leaking fluid or the circulation of fluid may be affected. In either case, the fluid cannot perform its function. Eventually, this can result in a transmission failure and you will have to get it rebuilt or replace it.

torque converter repair in charlotte nc mechanic transmission 1104Faulty Converter Blades

If the torque converter did overheat once, it may develop a problem in the blades. The blades of the converter get weak and break under pressure resulting in costly repairs. If you find an overheating problem, with the converter, you should top up the fluid and check the filter. In addition, it is best to get a diagnostics expert to see if the blades are fine or not.

Improper Installation Process

Most torque converter failures occur after a replacement has been installed. Sometimes during installation, the cooler lines and radiator are not cleaned properly. This causes dirt and debris from the previous converter to affect the new one.

Where Can I Find a Transmission Repair Shop? | Charlotte NC

transmission repair charlotte nc shop 8521Diagnosing your car’s problem might not be easy for you since a car engine is a really complex machine. If you are having transmission problems, it can be even more difficult to spot them. However, the fact is that transmission of your car is subjected to more wear and tear than any other engine component, making transmission problems a very common occurrence in vehicles.

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Since transmission repairs and rebuilding can be very inconvenient, you should always look out for signs of trouble so that you can spot transmission problems well in time before they get worse. Here are the three most common transmission problems that usually occur:

Red Fluid Leaks

The easiest problem that can be identified in a transmission is a fluid leak and this can be repaired quite quickly. However, if you let the fluid leak, it will eventually break down your transmission. The Automatic Transmission Fluid is bright red, smells slightly sweet, and can be recognized easily in case of a leak. Since the amount of ATF in a vehicle is low, it needs to be repaired immediately. So, the moment you spot a leak, get it repaired right away.

Lack of Response

If your car is not moving backwards or forwards, or if it isn’t going into gear, that is a clear indication of a transmission problem. This issue can persist in both manual and automatic transmission and requires proper repairs right away. There might be issues with the transmission fluid or the clutch linkage that might be causing this issue.

Noises While Driving

If your car is having transmission troubles, the most noticeable indication you would have is the strange noises that come while driving. Drivers usually experience a humming, clunking or whining sound, all of which indicate that your transmission is in trouble. These noises indicate that the transmission is facing trouble when the gears are being changed. Initially, it can be a relatively inexpensive repair but if you ignore it, it can get very expensive.

So, if you see any of these signs in your vehicle, it might be because your transmission is not working properly and you need to get proper repairs right away. Avoid costly transmission repairs by catching these problems first when they start! Leaving minor transmission problems unattended can cause them to develop into expensive transmission repairs or rebuilds. Call us today at 704-821-3460 if you are in need of a transmission repair or transmission diagnosis. 

Where Can I Get My Honda Repaired in Charlotte NC?

honda transmission repair in charlotte ncIf there is some trouble with your Honda transmission going on, you need to see what these problems are, and what you can do to avoid them.  Twin Transmission Repair has been serving Charlotte NC and surrounding areas for over 30 years. As the #1 expert in Transmission Repair and Transmission Rebuild, we can help you with any transmission problem you face! 🙂

While there are several different types of transmission issues that occur in cars, here are the top three issues that are reported more in Honda vehicles:

Quality of Ball Bearing

One of the most major transmission issues with some Honda vehicle models is the use of a weak ball bearing. In many instances, the ball bearing completely breaks down, scattering and spreading around the transmission housing itself. The broken fragments of this ball bearing then clogs the transmission fluid lines and results in several dangerous consequences such as causing the gear to stop working or making the car to slip on the road.


In some Honda models, the problem of overheating also persists in higher gears. The gears often heat up due to high friction and would cause the gear to lock up and not work at all. This would leave you unable to drive your car until you get it repaired properly. Many people have tried to overcome this problem by putting in more fluid in the vehicle, but this has turned out to be ineffective in solving the problem.

Clutch-Pack Durability

There are certain other commonly reported gear issues with the Honda vehicles. Gears wear out extremely quickly while the debris gets stuck in the transmission fluid lines. Automatic down-shifting between gears is also reported by some Honda drivers. All these issues make it quite difficult for you to drive your vehicle since the gear would get stuck and the car wouldn’t function.

Although Honda has made several attempts to fix these transmission problems, they are still reported in even the latest Honda models. There are even other common transmission issues that the users might face such as fluid leaks and strange noises while driving.

In order to ensure that your beloved Honda runs smoothly, it is important to maintain your vehicle and look for repair solutions right away when the transmission starts giving you trouble. Avoid costly transmission repairs by having your transmission maintenanced on a regular basis.

Do you have a Honda Transmission problem?

Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation for repair. 

Toys for Tots is back for 2014!

This is our 4th year participating in the Toys for Tots program by once again being a local Drop off location for Toys for Tots donations! 🙂 Every year we offer our customers and locals a special reward for their toy donations. This year we are offering additional discounts on our services for your toy donation.

How it works
Bring in any *new*, unwrapped toy anytime until December 14th and donate it to our Toys for Tots box. (The box is located right in our front office.) After your donation, come to our  front desk to recieve a special Discount Coupon for services and repairs — valid until next year, December 24th 2014.

What is Toys for Tots
The Toys for Tots program is a wonderful program that helps provide toys and gifts to children in need every holiday season. The program runs only from October through December each year. Through their help (and your donations), less fortunate children will be able to experience Christmas.

Want to learn more about the Toys for Tots foundation? Click here to view their website and information.

Please call us at 704-821-3460 if you have any questions about donating! It is our mission to hand over as many toys as possible this year! Thank you in advance for your help!!